Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween Costume Photos

How sad is it that the stomach flu and being stuck in my room away from the babies is actually what provides me time to blog? I miss blogging, and I’m definitely a fan of a little break to recharge for my mom role, but this isn’t fun at all. Many thanks to Sean for staying home today to take care of our babies (and all of his coworkers/bosses for being so understanding and accommodating), to my own Mom who happily risked being exposed to help feed the babies, and to Cheryl for taking my call to walk me through proper precautions to protect the babies from myself.

This is the first day when I haven’t held my babies or fed them at all…I’m kind of at a loss. So weird. Hopefully tomorrow is back to normal. We definitely would appreciate prayers for protection for our babies though. They don’t have much of an immune system, so prayers sound like the best defense against the flu at this point.

You know how moms say that once the babies are born, you forget a lot of the pregnancy discomforts. Since I’ve spent the day puking and lying in bed…I can’t believe I didn’t remember every nuance of morning sickness and bed rest! Holy cow! I’m SO glad that part of my life is over. Of course, laying here has also served as a reminder of how our fellow believers lifted our little family up in prayer day after day. Again, you guys are the best!


Today is National Premature Awareness day. We have come so incredibly far! In a few short days, the babies will be 9 months old. Born at 2lbs 5oz, 2lbs 5oz, 2lbs 3oz, and 1lb 14oz, they are all now in the 13-15 pound range! We will be starting baby cereal in the next few weeks and we are teetering on the edge of having crawlers. We definitely have reached the scooting stage! Prematurity actually happens a lot more often than I ever realized. While having quads is rare, prematurity really isn’t. Just a couple of decades ago, our kids would have either not lived or would be suffering from much worse prematurity effects than they are now. I have to give a nod to March of Dimes which puts so much time and energy into researching prematurity, its effects, and how to prevent it. If you would like more information about prematurity, please go here:


Now that we are a week out from Thanksgiving, I’ll go ahead and post their Halloween pictures. I wanted to do something with four parts to it rather than individual costume ideas. So I chose to do The Four Seasons! I started making the costumes about a month in advance (keep in mind when I say “I made them” what I mean is that I safety pinned and hot glued stuff to some of their sleepers/jumpers).

Caleb was Winter, Ellie was Spring, Abby was Summer, and Elijah was Fall. 

Caleb in his Santa sleeper that I found at a consignment sale for $2.00! 

Abby in her going to the beach outfit for Summer. The pink onesie is supposed to be a “swimsuit” since I couldn’t find a real one (and I refused to buy one that she would outgrow by next summer). 

Caleb and Abby chilling in their costumes. 

Elijah in his pile of leaves. He was also referred to as Leaf Man. Lol! I hot glued fake leaves all over a sleeper to make this. He was a really good sport! 

I love the last photo that let you see his face, but this is the best one to show what his outfit was really like! 

Ellie in her Spring dress. I safety pinned fake flowers on it and on a head band so that she could be a little flower fairy…or something. :-) 

So those were the first round of Halloween outfits. My SIL, Sarah, texted me a couple of weeks before Halloween with a GREAT idea! She is amazing at crocheting and offered to whip out four extra sock monkey outfits for our kids so that we could do a “Barrel of Monkeys” photo with all of the cousins! How cute is that? Not only did she make hats and leggings, she did it in each of their colors! THEN she helped me put the first round of costumes on everyone, strip, and put the second round of costumes on everyone. Obviously, I have a great SIL! AND she brought her camera and took some great photos of everyone!

Here is the first photo. The extra baby on the far right is Cousin Aly. It’s understandable that she was distracted with all of the extra noise. :-) 





This is such a great photo of all of the cousins! Go ahead and put a caption on it! Clearly my kids are trying to figure out where the extra baby came from! 

And a couple of snapshots because they are just too cute!

Sean and I were eating dinner a couple of weeks ago and we looked over and saw the boys like this. We didn’t pose them. They were just hanging out like that watching us eat. 

And then this photo of me and Abby. I got down on the floor to play around on Pinterest (I DO NOT have enough craft time anymore!) and Abby wiggled up next to me to watch what I was doing. She even got in the same position as me! Too funny! Again, it wasn’t posed. 

And this precious photo of Ellie and her daddy. These kids absolutely LOVE being cradled in daddy’s arms!  

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  1. Thank you for posting the pictures. They are so darling! So glad they are doing well & hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. glad you had the posting time!! thanks so much for the fun update. I feel the warmth and love in your words. Your blessings are many Mrs. Ishum! Feel better soon!

  4. Oh my goodness, Becca - praying for you as you recover from this bug and praying protection for all the kids.

    Can't believe these pictures. I immediately printed them for the fridge. Your family is seen and thought of every day.

    Love you

  5. Excited to see another update... I am a mom of a 4yr old, 3yr old and 3month old twins... ALL boys... so when I start to feel totally overwhelmed I like to look at your blog and think... okay there are other moms out there going through exhaustion, business, and well have totally turned their lives over to their kids for this time in life! You are a supermom!

  6. Your babies are beautiful.. I love the costumes you made for them- so very creative.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. I love to see the pictures of the babies. You sound so content. I have no idea how you have the energy to even have an idea for Halloween costumes, much less make it happen. You are SO creative.

  8. Oh Becca, your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. What beautiful babies. You and Sarah the "cat's pajamas". Incredible costumes!

  9. Popping over from the SITS Girls Blogtober. The Four Seasons theme was clever! What cute costumes. Hope you all have a happy Halloween this year.

  10. Stop! These costumes are too cute!

  11. Those four season costumes are adorable!! You did a great job with them! Here's the post that I list up for SITS Blogtober challenge:

  12. Leaf baby gets my vote!

    Popped by from SITS Girls Throwback Thursday.


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