Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We had hoped that maybe, maybe we would be free to go to church and celebrate Easter with family, but we are still on lockdown. It wasn't unexpected, but still a little disappointing to still need to keep the kids home. Next year, though!

I can't wait for when we can go to church as a family!

We didn't let our lockdown keep us from marking Jesus' Resurrection though! We celebrated at home with grandparents on Saturday evening. 

Easter Family Photo!

I found these adorable matching Easter baskets at Dollar General about a month ago. They only had one in each of their colors, so I had to grab them! Even though I didn't want them to have any sugar, I went ahead and put the empty plastic eggs in the baskets for photos. The kids had fun chewing on them this year, and I'm all set for next year.

Caleb with his Easter basket. 

Our little Abby!

Eli thought the eggs were very exciting!

Ellie in her cute little dress! 

It was almost a full year ago that we took the first photo with all four grandparents and the babies. It was fun to finally get another one!

The Grandparents and Babies
Grandpa and Caleb, Pa and Elijah
Cita and Abby, Ma and Ellie

We also managed to get a photo of Uncle Josh and Uncle Chris with the babies before they totally refused to sit for any more photos. You can see that Caleb is making an effort to escape while Ellie is completely mesmerized by Uncle Josh's braces. :)

The Uncles and Babies
Uncle Josh and Uncle Chris
Ellie, Caleb, Eli, and Abby

And Sean caught this photo of Ellie and me smiling at each other. I just love it, so I had to include it!

Happy Easter from our family to yours! We hope you were able to spend some time today remembering the biggest Victory ever to be accomplished!


  1. First of all - you look fantastic in that yellow shirt!

    Secondly I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!! The kids will be all grown up when I see them next. :-P

    1. Aw, thanks, Liz! We miss you too! Are you heading our direction any time soon??


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