Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Mama!" *pitter, patter*

Aww! My Mommy heart is so full right now! I've been wondering when they might start talking, or more specifically start saying our names. Earlier last week, I had the following conversation with Elijah.

Elijah: "Ba-Ba"
Me: "Ma-ma"
Elijah: "Ba-Ba!"
Me: "Ma-ma!"
Elijah: "Ba-Ba!"
Me: "Maaa-maaa!"
Elijah: "BA-BA!"

And then he started laughing. He totally knew that he was making fun of me. Silly boy!

So I thought it would be awhile longer before I got to hear one of them say my name.

It only took another couple of days! Saturday afternoon, we were feeding the kids, and I thought I heard Caleb say, "Mama." Did he really? I'll be the first to admit that as the Mommy, I might not be completely objective, so I wanted to make sure someone else heard it too. Sean and I weren't quite sure, so we decided to chalk it up to an accident unless he did it again soon.

That night, when the grandparents were over celebrating Easter, he quite clearly said, "Mama, mama, Mama!" with the appropriate pause in between each word so that we knew he was trying to get my attention. I looked over and he wanted to be picked up. AWWW!!! Melt my heart! And now, Sean and all four grandparents can vouch for me that he did indeed say my name!

First word from my first baby! He's growing up!

Caleb the Big Boy!

And Abby, not to be outdone, decided that she wanted to be a big girl too!

We have had therapists in our house twice a week since last summer working with the kids on their basic skills. At first is was rolling over and pushing up, then crawling, then pulling up. With Abby, they have been working on getting her to stand independently and take a step or two.

Sunday afternoon, all of her hard work paid off! She took her first step and was so proud of herself, she could have floated straight to the moon!

She's so hilarious about it though! She thinks it's a game, and sometimes gets so excited that she starts laughing uncontrollably and can't stand up straight. Too cute!

Abby the Big Girl!

We are so proud of how hard our little munchkins have worked to reach these milestones. We got a first word and a first step all in the same weekend! :-)


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