Monday, May 7, 2012

2nd Annual Emergency Room Date

I'm seeing a trend here that I'm not a big fan of.

Friday morning, I ran out to get my haircut. I was SO excited! It was the third attempt I've made at getting my hair cut since January, and I was in desperate need of it! To boot, we had a date night scheduled that night, so I asked Lauren (if you need an amazing stylist, email me for her info!) to curl my hair instead of flat ironing it. Gotta look cute if I'm going out with my hot husband!

Sean, meanwhile, had taken the day off of work to prepare for a moment that he has been counting down to for two years: Avengers the movie! In preparation, we have spent the last two weeks re-watching all of the Marvel Superhero movies. Sean pre-bought tickets online to ensure we could get in to the showing we wanted to see. We asked our friends who were staying with our kids to come early so that we could spend at least an hour standing in line for the best seats (can't be too careful with big blockbusters like this!). And we turned it into a double date with Wendell and Sarah, a couple we just adore! They, in turn, had found a babysitter for their daughter. This was a well-planned, finely crafted scenario to ensure that we would have one of the best date nights in recent memory.

But first, I had a hair appointment, and Sean had to get stuff done around the house.

After my appointment, I got in the car and checked my text messages before heading out. I had one from Sean that said,

"What is the cure for pouring boiling water over your hand? Cold water?"

BOILING water?!?!

Long story short, I ended up taking Sean to the emergency room because the burn was so bad. I seem to remember another ER date with him almost exactly a year ago. Hmmm...

We had googled earlier in the week for cheap ways to kill a lot of weeds. The first idea we came across was to dump boiling water on them. Sean decided to experiment with that while I was gone. Unfortunately, it spilled.

Two pain shots and a handful of percocet later, he was flat out.

He still tried to pull himself together enough to go see the movie a couple of hours later, but he almost passed out instead. Poor guy!

Okay, I'll be honest for a minute. Yes, I was looking forward to the movie too (although not nearly to the extent that Sean was). I was also looking forward to hanging out with Wendell and Sarah. But more than all of that, I was looking forward to having the evening off from my motherhood duties. We haven't been out in a couple of months, so this was a big deal to me. And my hair was curly too! It's never curly because I don't have time to do it! Arg! It's true. I almost cried, but held it back because obviously Sean was in too much pain. I guess the ER visit would have to suffice as our date.

I called Sarah to tell her that we were stuck for the evening and let her know that they could swing by for their movie tickets. She said that she would be by in a bit, and I prepared to nurse a hurt husband and take care of four little people for the rest of the evening.

But fifteen minutes later, my phone rang. Sarah said they wanted to skip the movie too, come over to visit, and bring dinner with them. What?!?!

Another twenty minutes passed and Wendell, Sarah, and their brand new daughter showed up with pizza. After dinner, Sarah helped me get the kids ready for bed and after they went down, we popped in The Three Amigos as our replacement movie.

I can't even begin to describe how encouraging their visit was to me! I'm sure Sean would agree, but he was a little out of it. :)

All that to say, we learned some very important lessons:

- Not everything you read on the internet is a great idea. Just because it says that dumping boiling water on weeds kills them, does not necessarily mean you should go do it.

- Dumping boiling water over weeds does in fact work! It's the most expensive bare one foot by two foot section of our yard (ER visits aren't cheap!)

- When boiling water, use the small spaghetti pot instead of the 10 gallon stock pot.

-Amazing friends are hard to come by. Hang on to them!

Elijah helping Daddy model his wrapped hand.

And other than his wrapped hand being in this photo, it really has nothing to do with this post, but it makes me laugh anyway!

Sean and my brother, Mike, participating in some friendly rivalry! I love that they are each wearing flip flops and plaid shorts with their Cardinals/Royals gear!


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  1. Tea tree oil will take the sting out of burns, though u shouldn't use it if there are any open blisters. I have 4 girls (10,7,4, and 11 months) I keep a small bottle under the kitchen sink (most burns happen in the kitchen), it lasts forever and works well. I personally hate the smell but my husband loves it. Hope this helps. :-)

    1. Oh! Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately, his hand has blistered and opened up at this point. With four small kids who climb all over him, he is having to keep it wrapped up so that they don't rip into the burned skin more.

      But I do know of a great little shop not too far from here called, Life Thyme Botanicals that carries oils like that. I bet they have some. Sounds like it would be a good thing to have on hand. I burn myself in the kitchen all of the time too (though not nearly to the extent that Sean was burned). If it will take the sting out of the burn, I'm sure I can handle the smell. :) Do you know if it helps reduce scarring?

    2. I don't know about scaring but the blister practically disappears a day or so later so no scaring would happen.
      For his hand have u tried Duraplast? There are serval types I.e. Antibacterial or pain relief. This stuff is a little spray can used for episiotomies so it's definitely Safe for a hand. Poor guy. :-( I also use this spray for when the girls get owies say from a shoe rub, or other abrasions/blisters. Also great to have on hand.

  2. Aw... Love you guys and miss you and the little people! Praying for Sean's hand to heal quickly. We need to hang out again soon!

    1. Miss you too! I actually thought about you as I drove home, "I wish Paula wasn't working! I know I could call her, walk out the door to take Sean to the ER, and she would know just what to do with the kids!" Brought back all sorts of memories of you helping me out with doctors' appointments, hospital visits that ran late, and crappy days when I was at my wit's end. You definitely need to come over again soon!

      Oh, and we totally bought that Boom Blox Wii game! Too fun!

  3. Love catchin up with your blog Rebecca!!!! Can't wait to meet my sweet lil cuzins someday :D BTW....where did Sean find that MARVELOUS yellow Cardinals shirt?!!! Hope his hand is better....apparently he takes after his grandpa Larry with the ideas LOL Take care

    1. Marcie, I got the shirt from my parents many Christmases ago. I don't know if they would know where they got it or even if it could still be found. If I ever see one though, I'll pick one up for you :-)


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