Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mommy Must Be Tired

I must be tired.

I try to get some time with my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD a few times a week before the kids get up for the day. It's really not much fun, so I've figured out how to run the DVD on my laptop and play another TV show through Hulu on the television. Oh yes, it's quite humorous to see me jumping around and hearing a drama in the background (since I put the workout DVD on mute). I'd probably see more progress if I quit eating candy, but at least I've laid off of the oreos.

Anyhow, yesterday, it just didn't happen. I was tired, and I overslept. I still got up in time to dress the kids and feed them breakfast before Miss Debbie showed up for therapy, so I was riding pretty high on my success.

Then, about halfway through therapy, I noticed this:

Elijah, Miss Debbie, and Ellie

Can you tell what is wrong with this photo of Elijah and Ellie?? LOL! Poor Eli! I hope he isn't scarred for life!


And I thought you all might enjoy this. Ellie learned a new trick recently. In fact, all of the babies are doing this now, but with the cysts on Ellie's brain, the threat of cerebral palsy, and her bowed legs and curled feet, we weren't sure how long it would take her to learn how to do this....or even if she would be able to figure it out at all.

All I can say is: Praise God! :)


And this is going to be a tough competition right to the very end of the Top 25 Moms of Multiples Blog Contest. We made it to first place yesterday, but now we are back to second place. We need every single vote, every single day in order to win on May 23rd. And then I promise to quit posting about it! Thank you so much for your support!

I've been asked several times what we win if we get first place. This is taken directly from the rules for the contest on the Circle of Moms website:

"What do Top 25 winners receive?We give our six million moms direct access to Top 25 program participants. The Top 25 winners of each list are featured on The RoundUp, Circle of Mom’s editorial channel. The feature includes a short interview, favorite posts, and a photo of each Top 25 winner. The Top 25 winners also receive a badge for their blog that links to their interview on Circle of Moms. Top 25 participants may also be invited to participate in Circle of Moms’ expert Q&A and The RoundUp editorial platform."

So why are we doing this if there are no tangible awards? Well, long story short, I really enjoy writing. That's what my college degree is in. My writing allows me to take a minute to be Rebecca and not just a "quad mom" (even though I am writing about being a quad mom!). It's actually a beautiful blend of my pre-babies and post-babies life!

I can see the potential for my writing reaching more people or for more writing opportunities to pop up for me. Or maybe it won't, and it will just be a fun thing that we won. :)

Regardless, thank you so so SO much for helping us out by voting!


  1. Hmm... I commented and it showed up before, but now it is gone...

    I can't figure out what is going on in the picture :)

    1. Elijah is wearing Ellie's butt ruffle pants, and Ellie is wearing Elijah's cargo pants. :) They are the same color so I missed it when I was dressing them!

  2. never mind, i hit "publish", but didn't enter the "code" :)

  3. such cute babies! except they're not babies anymore are they? they grow up so fast!


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