Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Finally Home" First Year Anniversary

Today is a big day for The Ishum Family!

One year ago today, we brought home our last baby from the hospital and finally put our family together!

Elijah came home May 15th
Abby and Ellie came on May 17th
Caleb came home on May 19th

What is extra neat is that the day our last baby came home was also my due date!

It was such a monumental day for us that I can still remember what we ate for dinner that night (Thanks again for the Chicken Enchiladas, Nancy!) Sean stayed with the other three babies, with his sister, Ruby, and her husband playing back-up, while I drove to the hospital to get Caleb. I went to get him with such a weird combination of nervousness, sadness about leaving our nurse friends, sleep deprivation, and adrenaline.

This was it! This was the moment that we were suddenly in charge of four little preemies with special needs. Scary, crazy, amazing, insane!

Today marks one year of living this incredible quad life 100% hands on (not that being pregnant and sitting in the NICU wasn't hands on, but you know what I mean.). 

I was looking through some old photos from the first few days that they were all home together. They have gotten so BIG!

All home together!
             Elijah, Caleb, and Daddy                                          Abby and Ellie

Caleb's first at home bath
Fun fact: This was taken right as he peed on me. That was followed about 20 seconds later by pooping in the water. My friend took the photo mid-squeal from me!

Daddy and Elijah hanging in the kitchen

Fun fact: Elijah is still on his monitor in this photo. Daddy unplugged the monitor from the wall and carried it around with them.

A very sleep-deprived Mommy, Ellie, and Abby
 Fun fact: Ellie's ear is taped flat because it kept folding over. The cartilage was extremely soft and we were worried she would end up looking like a puppy with a floppy ear. Both are on monitors and Abby is on an oxygen tank. Thank goodness we don't have to carry all of that medical equipment around with us anymore!

Thanks again for joining us on our journey! It's so exciting to see where we have come from!


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