Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Next Milestone: Cups!

A few weeks ago, we introduced cups to the babies. They thought they were awesome toys. Not exactly what I had in mind. They couldn't figure out how to get milk out and pretty much just used them as new things to roll around on the floor. I tried a couple of different types of cups, but nothing seemed to click.

So we took a break.

This is by far the most frustrating developmental milestone that I've had as a mother. More frustrating than crawling, more frustrating than walking, more frustrating than trying to get them to turn their heads both ways evenly, more frustrating than bottle feeding wait. That's not true. Bottle feeding Abby at the beginning was more frustrating. But barely so.

I eventually asked the babies' occupational and physical therapists for help teaching them how to suck out of a straw. They tried the different bottles with them, but nothing worked. Finally, Jessica, the physical therapist, brought over a Playtex First Sipster Cup. It's geared for 4 month old babies and has a little part of the cup that you can push and force milk up the straw and into their mouths. It's supposed to help them understand that there is liquid in the cup, and they can get it out of the straw. And, I was really excited to see that they make them in each of their colors!

I'm pleased to announce that after several weeks of practicing, we have managed to learn how to drink out of cups! It's still a little hit and miss, but overall, we are seeing some success!

And because of that, I got to drop a bottle feeding yesterday and replace it with a snack: milk and graham crackers!

Caleb sucked his milk right down, almost finishing the entire thing! He was incredibly happy with this change of events!

Caleb: "Mom! This is a good idea! Much better than playing outside or going to church!"

Ever my last baby to be okay with changes to the feeding plan, Abby isn't as fond of this idea. She keeps throwing the cup off of her tray or behind her seat. I'm happy that she finally did drink a bit though.

Abby: "Hmm.....I don't like it when people mess with my feeding. I think I'll just concentrate on my cracker."

What a ham! Elijah keeps getting mixed up about where exactly the milk come from. He is definitely all about trying to find the magic straw though.

Elijah: "Does the milk come out of here? How about here? Or how about here? etc."

Like usual, our little runt likes to prove that she can keep up with everyone else. During snack time, she was right on it!

Ellie: "Check this out. I'm one handing it!"

And because descriptions and photos just don't do it justice, check out this short video of snack time. It's so QUIET! I love it!


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  1. Hi! I found your blog on Multiple Mondays with Capri +3. I am a mom of twin girls who are fraternal and are 10 months now! One of my girls is trying to take the cup, the other, is not interested.

    Please follow us as we are already following you!

    Twitter: @preemietwinsme.


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