Friday, June 15, 2012

Cover Kids!!

Our kids are on the front page of a magazine!!!

Normally I try to start my posts with a sentence that "hooks my reader," just like my Mom taught me to in grade school. I just couldn't help myself this time! There is no hooking line that is as exciting as just blurting it out!

Our kids are on the cover of a magazine!!!

That just makes me smile! :)

Those of you who have been following our blog since the beginning have probably noticed that occasionally I have been asked to write articles for KC Parent Magazine (check under the "In the Media" tab for links to past articles).

I used to pick the magazine up when I went to Planet Sub to grab a sandwich between college classes. I had no kids or even a boyfriend, but the magazine intrigued me with all of the ideas for parents and kids...and it was free! So technically, I've been reading this magazine for several years even though I didn't necessarily fit the prescribed demographic. Hey, it's never to early to start collecting ideas!

Anyhow, I never thought that sitting in the car, trying not to drop guacamole and tomato juice on my shirt and paging through the magazine, that I would one day get to write for it! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to write the articles. It's a little bit of "me" but still a family thing; so pretty much, it's been a guilt free hobby. :-)

A couple of months ago, the editor emailed me again to see if they could put our kids on the cover of KC Baby Magazine and if I would write a "first year" article to go with it. It sounded like fun!

KC Parent Magazine has two sister publications: KC Baby and KC Going Places. It has a lot of the same writers but covers different topics. Since this was a first year article, we fit KC Baby perfectly!

In May, Sean and I drove the kids to an amazing photo studio about forty-five minutes from where we live. Antisdels Photography took some newborn photos of the babies for the magazine a year ago, and they also took the cover photo this time. They were awesome and had quite the crew on hand to work with the babies. They had the photographer, a baby wrangler, and three additional assistants to help with the shoot. Thankfully, the kids did great (I did have some doubts when Caleb screamed the last 30 minutes of the car ride there)!

Newborn Photo by Antisdels for KC Parent Magazine last year.

The photographer, Kia, even picked out their clothes for the shoot so that they would all go together but not match. She got them from a boutique store called Mady and Me. And I was extra excited when she told me that the boutique wanted us to keep the adorable clothes!

So if you are out and about in Kansas City in the next few weeks and see four cute kids on the cover of KC Baby, make sure you pick it up and read our article! The publication is free and can be found in HyVee, Hen House, Price Chopper, Sam's Club, doctor's offices, some toy stores, and a bunch of other places around the metro. Normally they are in waiting rooms or right inside the entrance.

The Cover of KC Baby Magazine!!
(Sorry it's a little fuzzy. I don't have a high res image.)

What a super fun keepsake for our babies! Thank you KC Baby Magazine!

**Proud Mama!!**


  1. I can see why you wanted to 'blurt it out' that your kids are on the cover of a magazine. That is fantastic. The newborn picture of you and the kids is adorable. The picture of the kids in the cute clothes from Mady and Me is gorgeous. They are all smiling! Thanks for linking to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  2. Great article! I can't believe how big they are! :)

  3. they are such cuties!


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