Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Freedom on Wheels

We are happily, finally recovering from a rough few days at our house.

We knew that this summer could potentially be a long one as we start to introduce our kids to germs. Since the kids have been so protected, they haven't been sick yet. The middle of last week, Caleb came down with his first virus and promptly shared it with the rest of the kids. It made for five very long, very sleepless days and nights for our entire family. 

Thankfully, the kids finally started to perk up on Sunday afternoon. We decided to celebrate by getting themselves (and us!) out for some fresh air.

We took our brand-new Choo-Choo Wagon out for a walk around our neighborhood!

This wagon is something that I have had my eye on since we got pregnant. It is a very popular choice among higher-order multiples in terms of transportation. For me, it means I can finally move all four kids from one point to another all by myself.

Sean's side of the family all pitched in to get this for us for the babies' first birthday. I was so excited when the babies opened the packages! My mother-in-law joked that they almost wrote my name on the packages instead of the babies! Haha! Fair enough! :)

The company offers the original colors and the USA edition plus a trailer. It's very fitting that we have the USA edition since I consider it to be "Freedom on Wheels!"

Getting Ready to Walk the Neighborhood!
Daddy, Ellie, Abby, Caleb, and Elijah

Daddy pulling them up the big hill (and I cheered him on from the side!)

Neighbors were out doing yard work, so we asked them to snap a quick family photo. It cracks me up because all of the kids were distracted by their dogs!

Ellie: "What did you think, Daddy? Did you have fun pulling us? Can we go again?"

Abby: "Why do people stare at us? We're just kids."

Caleb: "Hold on for dear life!"

Elijah: "The back end of this thing gets bumpy!"

From an "out in public with the quads" point of view, it was really interesting. We had heads hanging out of car windows as they drove past, one lady was taking photos of us from a distance, three people stopped us to ask about the babies, and one guy asked where we "bought all them kids at"....and we were only walking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes!

I also took a short video of us walking around....if you'd like to see it, click here!


  1. Awww there is nothing more exhausting then sick kids... glad you survived!


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