Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pool Babies

Someday my kids are going to say to me, "I'm bored! We never get to do anything!" And I will say, "That's not true. I bought you a kiddie pool at Walmart when you were one. Go look at the pictures and it will be like reliving it all over again."

Earlier this summer, I bought one of those $10 kiddie pools at Walmart for the kids to play in. We've only been able to use it a few times because the heat has just been too unbearable for us to go out...even if we are sitting in water! (Day 60 of the worst drought since the Dust Bowl if anyone wants to keep track).

I took these photos at the beginning of the summer the first time we introduced them to it. I'm sure the green grass in the photos is giving that away. They've pretty much had consistent reactions though, so even though I'm just now getting around to it, I'm going to post them anyway. :)

The babies all lined up ready to get in their pool. We make them all wait to get in until everyone is outside. And then we make them all get out of the pool before we let anyone go inside. Safety first!

Pool time! No one quite knows what to think of it...but that is a pretty neat looking toy floating over there.

Abby: "So this is the pool, huh?"

Mommy: "You can move around and play! Explore a bit!"

Daddy: "Hey Ellie, look at this toy! It's a watering can that you can fill up and dump out!"

Ellie: "I've decided that I don't like this!"

Ellie: "Strike that. I HATE this!"

Ellie's preferred location. Lol!

It's all fun and games--for at least three babies--until someone gets her face splashed. :-)

At that point, we decided that maybe we should call it a day before any other babies decided that Mommy bought the pool just to torture them.

Caleb: "That was fun! So fun, I'll even pull my thumb out of my mouth long enough to smile!"

Ellie: "As long as you don't make me get off of this towel, I'll be fine."
Elijah: "I'm tired, but I think we should play in there again sometime!"

Abby: "Mommy, did you know that I got my face splashed? It's true. I'm not making it up."

After everyone got out, Daddy decided to help Ellie interact with the water a little bit. We were pretty surprised that she didn't like it at all. She loves bath time and playing in her bath water!

She was so brave and finally reached in to touch the water. I love this photo! It's my little girl trusting her Daddy! Amazingly sweet!

Then we headed back inside. Overall, we only spent about 25-30 minutes outside. We decided not to push it the first time out.

Not much changed the couple of other times we made it out. Caleb absolutely loves the pool! He will splash around and get wet from head to toe. Abby is great with it until she trips or another baby knocks her over, and her head gets wet. Elijah is pretty enthusiastic about the water as well and doesn't mind getting wet. But Ellie still wants nothing to do with it. She's our beach baby, as in, she wants to be the baby planted firmly on the beach.

I hope that we can get out and play a little more this summer! I really want them all to love the water so that we can get in a big pool sometime! We also have a Super Splash (water park) gift card that they got for their birthday that we'd love to take them to use it.

We just need a little less heat and a lot more rain.


  1. Love the pics! You are right in documenting their childhood! PROOF they had FUN!!


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