Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Dreams

Like a true Olympic athlete, Elijah as fast as his little legs would carry him, around in circles in the living room.

From the viewing gallery, better known as the kitchen table, we saw Elijah's laps. Apparently, the dinner that the kids finished before we were able to finish our own was enough fuel to carry him on several celebratory victory laps.

Above his head, he was waving around a soft white item. It reminded me of how a gold medalist lifts his first place bouquet of roses in an acknowledgement of his adoring fans.

Sean stopped mid-bite, and broke the silence of the viewing gallery.

" that...a diaper??"

Triumphantly, Elijah brought his treasure over to Daddy to show him what he found.

"Is this...a dirty diaper??"

At that point, I couldn't refrain from adding some commentary myself.

"Did you throw away all four diapers after the last diaper round?"

"I thought I did."

Suddenly, Sean saw the big picture. There must be another player in the game. Instead of a quick head count, he did a butt count. Elijah was dressed, Caleb was dressed, Ellie was wearing a dress that snapped closed to cover her rump...but Abby? She was wearing a loose dress with no diaper cover.


I took another bite of my food. I never get to eat a full meal in one sitting.

"Abigail?" He turned to me, "I can't tell if she's wearing a diaper."

We watched as Abby danced around in circles, clearly enjoying her after dinner freedom.

"Hey Abby, do you feel breezy?"

Sean took a bite of his food. We were so close to finishing our dinner, the dinner that was cold at this point because we had already offered extra food to the babies, cleaned them up from dinner when they got restless, and pulled them out of mischief once.

"Babe, just finish eating. We will go check her in a minute."

I worried that if we left the table again, we'd never finish dinner. With the soggy diaper sitting on the kitchen table next to us, we swallowed the last few bites of food, and Sean jumped up to go investigate the situation.



"Yep. She's not wearing anything under her dress."

Laughing, I headed into the living room. I can handle Elijah's track running, but I wasn't aware there was a stripping event in the Olympics!

Sean was standing in the living room.

"She peed on my pillow."


"I think that wet spot right there is pee on my pillow. Abby, why did you pee on the pillow that Daddy sits on when we are playing on the floor?"

Smiling, Abby continued dancing around the living room. I took a picture of her being goofy and then grabbed for a diaper before any other puddles appeared.

Maybe we should redirect her to a new Olympic dream.

I used to wonder if I'd get all out of shape over these types of things. Instead, I just find them funny!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go rotate a special load of wash from the washer to the dryer so that Daddy has something to sit on tomorrow.


  1. Michelle - New ZealandJuly 29, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    I love this - had me giggling as I read it!

    1. They have us giggling all day long! I'm sure that won't come to an end anytime soon!

  2. omg, I laughed so hard I choked. I am so glad y'all kept eating - that was my favorite part. ;-)

  3. Oh LOL! This is too funny - this yanking off of the diaper business. I have a bare butt post today as well. Musta been that kind of a weekend

    1. What is it with kids wanting to feel the breeze? As long as they do it in the house and quit before they get too much!

  4. Fabulous post! So glad Miss Abigail lives in a family where there is the freedom to express yourself completely.

    1. "Freedom to express herself completely." Oh my! As long as she doesn't start stripping in public!

  5. That is too funny! I think my favorite part of the whole story is that you actually finished dinner!!! :)


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