Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Picnic Play Date

This was just too fun not to share!

Last week, we were invited over for a play date with our friends, the Lights. We have been invited over a few times this summer and enjoyed each visit immensely! They have four daughters and a huge open basement with lots of room to run around. The kids love it!

Last week, Kristina and I were chatting about our upcoming play date and she invited us over for lunch.

Lunch? You want me to bring my four toddlers over to your house and let them eat on your carpet?!

It actually turned out amazingly well! Kristina had a fun array of finger foods set out and planned their picnic lunch around a viewing of VeggieTales. Clearly she knows the magic that VeggieTales holds over my children!

In my head, I saw my kids running all over the place, dropping food on the floor, refusing to sit still...but they actually behaved themselves! Proud Mama! :)

Caleb                                                                            Abby 

Eli                                                                                  Ellie

We did pick our plates up and dump them over a few times (*cough* Ellie *cough*), but the plastic tablecloth that they sat on caught most of the food. 

Sometimes I forget that they are growing up. I wouldn't have voluntarily set up a picnic for them, but apparently we can start to introduce more big kid activities and expect something besides certain chaos. I think I need to start letting them be a bit more adventurous. That's exciting! :)

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  1. Amazing! Not that they can eat without making a mess, but that they are so grown up! Happy Holidays!
    Lee Ann

  2. Veggie Tales can "hypmatize" (as my 5 year old says it) anyone. =)

    New follower from the weekend blog hop.

  3. No wonder that the kids might had a great time. This will be one of the sweet memory for them.


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