Saturday, May 12, 2012

Four Little Princesses


I hate it when we have a big moment, and I forget my camera! I did the best I could with my camera phone, but these photos are sorely lacking. :( Oh well. Hopefully you can at least sort of halfway visualize what we did.

A few days ago, we ventured out for our first away from home play date. A friend of mine, Kristina, actually thought it was a brilliant idea to invite over 14 month old quads! Bless her sweet heart for opening her home to us and being what amounts to a guinea pig since I had NO idea how the babies would do with it!

Long story short, I think it was a success! 

Kristina has four little girls who helped to entertain and play with the babies so that occasionally, we could shout a few words to each other (put eight kids in one room and it gets noisy!). The best part, though came later on during our visit.

Caleb: "Mom, I have my eye on you. Do not move, because I'm not so sure about this."

Elijah: "Playing with girls is EXHAUSTING!"

Abby and Ellie: "So many new toys!"

Little Lucy and Kristina

Towards the end of our visit, Kristina and I were trying to chat a little bit, and the noise level was building (we were getting dangerously close to nap time for our kids). I finally suggested that maybe her little girls could put on a fashion show for us. They have tons and tons of fun little girl dress up clothes! It took them a minute, but then they got all excited about modeling purple dresses for me. Why purple? Because Emily (Kristina's oldest daughter) and I LOVE purple!

So Emily, Kayla, and Brielle trotted off down the hallway to their playroom to don perfect purple princess dresses, leaving Kristina and I in the family room with her Lucy and my babies. However, Abby saw them run down the hallway and disappear into another room, so she crawled along to see where they went.

Since I had already been in the room, I knew there was nothing that she could get into or choke on, and I was pretty sure that Emily and Kayla would let me know if she was getting into trouble. I let her go since I wasn't too worried about it.

A few minutes later, the fashion show started with the girls taking turns announcing each other to the room and then coming in and posing. It was adorable and makes me look forward to fashion shows with my own girls!

Then, all of the sudden, Emily looked down the hall, and yelled, "Presenting.....Abby!" and Abby came crawling down the hall in a princess robe. Somehow, Emily and Kayla had managed to quietly dress her up without us knowing. Keep in mind that they are only 6 and 4 years old. I think the best part is that Abby had no idea what was going on. She went with it and just happened to crawl back down the hallway at the appropriate time.  It was hilarious! 

The Four Princesses Modeling their Dresses
 Brielle, Emily, Abby, and Kayla (and Caleb)

Thanks for hosting us, Kristina!

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  1. Dress up is SO super fun with girls... of course, we always had a few options for the boys too! :) Enjoy!


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