Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mommy Tip: How To Diaper Quadruplets (or several kids at once!)

Did you know that the average family with quadruplets goes through about 30,000 diapers before their kids are potty trained? How's that for a fun factoid?

We did some research on both cloth diapering and disposable diapering before the kids arrived and decided that under the circumstances, disposables were the way to go for our family. However, because of the insane number of diapers that are needed, it's imperative that we find the most inexpensive way to go about it.
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I thought it might be interesting to show you how we buy daytime diapers for our kids. And since the sale we always stock up on starts today, it seemed like an appropriate time to let you know about that too if you are still in the diapering stage at your house.

Starting today, Walgreens has an awesome diaper deal on their store brand diapers! This sale comes around about once every three months, and is how we keep on top of the diaper situation at our house. We have had great luck with using Walgreens store brand diapers as their daytime diapers. No leaks, no allergic reactions. Just cheap diapers! After checking prices on, Amazon, Amazon Mom, etc. we've found that this is the easiest, cheapest way to keep our kids tushies clean.
Here is how it works for our family when we are ready to make a big diaper purchase:

The Jumbo Packs of Walgreens Store Brand diapers are usually $8.79 per package. Starting today, they are buy-one-get-one-free. That comes out to $4.40 per package.

Depending on the size you are buying, this is what you will pay per diaper:
Size 1 is $0.09 cents per diaper
Size 2 is $0.11 cents per diaper
Size 3 is $0.12 cents per diaper
Size 4 is $0.14 cents per diaper
Size 5 is $0.16 cents per diaper
Size 6 is $0.19 cents per diaper

In my experience, those are pretty great prices!

So as we are figuring how many diapers to buy for a three month cycle, we have to do a little math. Right now, all four kids still fit in size 3 daytime diapers. (They wear the bigger sizes of name brand diapers at night.)

Our quads go through:
  • 20 daytime diapers per day
  • 600 daytime diapers per month
  • There are 36 diapers in each Size 3 Jumbo Package.
  • We will use 17 packages of Size 3 Jumbo Packages per month.
  • That works out to 51 packages of Size 3 Jumbo Packages per three month cycle.
  • It's buy-one-get-one free so I actually need to order 52 packages (gotta get my free one!)
That is a total of $234 to buy 1872 daytime diapers that should last our quadruplets three months. Not terrible all things considered, and I only have to think about it once every quarter! Now granted, this doesn't include tax, nighttime diapers which are more expensive, or wipes, but this is about as hassle free and cheap as we can get them.

One of my multiple friends asked if I buy these online or go into the store. I always go into the store. I've worked really hard to build a good relationship with the store manager and staff at our local Walgreens. They now know me as "that lady with quadruplets." In fact, the photo department has a picture of our kids posted on their bookshelf! Lol! Anyhow, they know me and my situation and try very hard to accommodate my large orders, even going so far as to load my car for me! They've also gotten to the point where they let me call the order in and pay for it when I pick it up in store. (As the assistant manager told the new store manager last year, "Don't worry. This lady always comes in for her diapers.")

But the main reason I go in is because sometimes they are able to find an extra coupon for me if I ask while checking out. While there isn't always an extra coupon, it's certainly worth being a polite, patient customer. Gratitude goes a long way in all aspects of life!

So if you need diapers, this is a great opportunity to stock up! Now if you will excuse me, the store manager is probably expecting my call any minute...

Oh, and if you liked this post, you might enjoy this photo of how much formula our kids used to eat in a month!

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  1. Wow that's a lot of diapers!

    P.S I've been meaning to do a CPR course for a while now, and your last post has reminded me to book in and do it so that is my task today :)

    1. It IS a lot of diapers! :)

      I hope you were able to find a CPR class!

  2. I'm glad you posted this, it is great information! I bought two packs this week to see how the walgreens brand works for our little people. If they aren't "our brand", at least you got me thinking of creative ways to find the rock bottom price and how to stock up. Have you tried making your wipes? We just started making wipes and they are 1. cheap 2. work well- winner! I'm about to make a post about them and diaper cream. Stay tuned..

    1. Can't wait to read your posts, especially about the diaper wipes!!

  3. Thank you for this post! This week we ran out of all our donated diapers for the triplets, so I headed straight to walgreens yesterday and stocked up!

    1. Weren't donated diapers the best newborn gift ever? I actually give diapers to all of my friends who are having singletons as well. I just don't think you can go wrong with them.

      Glad you were able to use this deal to stock up!

  4. Good post.. When we were looking for diapers, I looked all over for sales and figuring out which was the cheapest route, etc. My brother who worked at Amazon gave me the heads up about Amazon Mom and Schedule and Ship programs before they were live, and even using that method our cheapest route was to get diapers from Sam's Club as soon as they were in Size 2.
    If i remember correctly their Size 2 came in as 220 for $30 which at the time was $.07/per diaper. And we used the same diapers for day and night time. Then Size 2 was 200ct, but midway between going from 3-4, Sam's club changed brands and made all of their diapers cost the same about no matter what size you were in from 2 - 4, and all had 200ct. We bought our last size 4 box 2 months ago at a price of $35.

    1. Yeah, if Walgreens isn't having a sale and diapers are needed ASAP, warehouse clubs offer some great options! Thanks for mentioning that!

  5. do you recycle all them diaper


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