Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013, Part 2: Hanging with the Other Side

Last night's post was so photo heavy that I decided to post the rest of our Easter photos today. Sure enough, this post has a lot of photos also!

Sunday evening, we went over to my (Becca's) parents' house for dinner. My parents had taken down the big gate they used to have in their living room, and had opened up the entire downstairs to give the kids space to run. What a wonderful surprise! With the extra room to roam, the kids did much better than they have in the past, and we were able to have a really enjoyable time with minimal whining. Yay!

Our Easter Family Photo
Caleb, Mommy, Elijah, Abby, Daddy, and Ellie

My parents, also known as Cita and Grandpa

Cousin Aly. There will be a new cousin at next year's Easter celebration since Aly will soon be a big sister!

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike

I love this photo of Aly and Ellie hanging out together! I'm so glad that my girls have a girl cousin so close in age! My cousin, Brooke, and I were best friends when we were kids, so I'm hoping that our girls will be as close with Aly (they are only five months apart).

Uncle Josh

Uncle Chris

Elijah - with leftover Easter dinner in his hair

Abby - we clearly need to work on our manners

Caleb - enjoying the extra room to play

Ellie - her many expressions always crack me up!

 We hope you had a wonderful Easter with your own family and spent some time reflecting on the huge sacrifice that Jesus made for us!


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