Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Trolley Run

Last Sunday, we celebrated our first weekend off of lockdown by participating in the Kansas City Trolley Run!

This was the 25th anniversary for the Trolley Run, and it's actually the largest timed 4 mile race in the United States! Granted, we didn't run it, but we had a good time anyway! We signed up for the "sightseer" group; in other words, everyone with strollers. With the kids loaded in two double strollers, we actually didn't get asked one time if they were quadruplets. And let me tell you, there were a lot of people at this race!

We had the privilege of walking on the Sienna's Superstars Team. We know Sienna's family through church, and her mom, Lori, and I have become good friends since we both have multiples (Sienna has an identical twin sister!). Lori and I also got married two weeks apart, in the same church, and made it to the same gestation with our pregnancies. It's crazy how much we have in common! We wouldn't miss getting to support them this way!
The Trolley Run benefits the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired. While Sienna is legally classified as blind, she can actually see, it just doesn't process through. CCVI is working directly with her to help her compensate for it, and eventually the goal is for her "regain" some sight. She and her sister even get to attend preschool through their organization. It's such a neat program and something that I know encourages her family.

Sienna's Family!
Sienna (being snuggled by family friend, Marcia), Aaron, Lori, and twin sister, Braelyn in the stroller

We got the kids up early in the morning to make it out to the Trolley Run on time. It was a bit chilly that early, but we warmed up pretty quickly.

Mommy with Abby and Ellie. Daddy with Caleb and Elijah,

We are walking to support our friend!
(clockwise from top left) Caleb, Abby, Ellie, and Elijah
Man, you'd think I would be all fit with lifting four toddlers all day long. Not so much. I was huffing and puffing before we even reached the first mile marker. I should probably try to work out some before next year rolls around.

With their 6:30am wake up time that morning, the kids were zonked on the way home. The girls passed out within minutes of loading in the car, and boys barely made it through lunch with their eyes open. Nap time was extremely successful that afternoon!

(and yes, I know that she wriggled her shoulder out of her seat belt in this photo)


Elijah and Caleb
Our first jaunt out was successful! Here's hoping the rest of the summer goes as well as we reintroduce our kids back into the real world again.


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