Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm Into - April 2013

Want a little glimpse into my life? :)

Books I Read:
House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker: I love these two authors, and together they make a killer team. Literally. They like to write supernatural thrillers which are highly entertaining (although a little rough as pre-bed reading at times.)

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella: I had heard of this book before, but since I hate shopping, I couldn't understand why it might be interesting. I was scrolling through my Good Reads a couple of weeks ago, and it was recommended along with being a New York Times Bestseller. It was pretty easy reading, so ended up being a perfect destresser type of book. I'll probably read the second one at somepoint...

Sticks and Scones by Diane Mott Davidson: Sean and I made it out of the house for lunch one day, and stopped by the library to return some books. I was in need of a new book anyway, so I picked up the first one I saw on the shelf. Normally, I tend to put more thought into my book selections, but this ended up being a fun accident! It's a murder mystery novel with a culinary twist. The heroine is a caterer who solves murder mysteries...definitely a different approach to the normal murder mystery, but it keeps it lighthearted.

Books in the Queue:
Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl: This is a highly controversial parenting book that was recommended by a friend. I agreed to read it on her strong recommendation, but this is in no way an endorsement of it. I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished with it.

Dying for Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson: Book 2 in the Culinary Murder Mystery series (Book 1 was unavailable)

Parenting with Love and Logic by Jim Fay: Another parenting book recommended by tons of multiples friends

Can't Miss Television:
1600 Penn: I hope this show gets renewed for next year! It's a ridiculous sitcom about a fictional first family in the White House. It's a riot!

Castle: I wait for this show every week. It's a cop/writer drama...and they solve murder mysteries. Hmm...I'm sensing a theme here...

Movies I've Watched:
Food Inc.: Sean picked out this movie one evening. Whoa, I'm grossed out about where our meat comes from now. Let's just say, I told my friend who raises free-range, grass-fed cows for beef that we want to be on the "buy part of a cow" list. Seems a much safer option after watching that. Yikes!

Pitch Perfect: A movie about competitive college acapella groups. Yeah, there is a lot of singing, but it doesn't seem that way. Think, "Bring it On" style, only much better.

Music I've Listened to:
Brave by Nicole Nordeman: I wish she would come out with a new CD sometime soon! It's been a few years.

Wicked, The Musical by Stephen Schwartz: This really isn't as "bad" as it sounds. I'm a big fan of Wicked, The Musical. It's the story of how the Wicked Witch of the West became the Wicked Witch of the West. Or in other words, it's the prequel to The Wizard of Oz. It's such a great soundtrack and the show is even better!

Yummy in My Tummy:
Greek Food: I love the freshness of Greek cuisine! Tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, dill, mint, good!

Lots and Lots and Lots of Cupcakes: I've baked and iced between 22-25 dozen cupcakes this month. I might be cupcaked-out for awhile.

Happiness is:
My stove top is clean. Seriously, this makes me so happy. The kitchen needs to be clean for me to be able to think straight. I hate it when I can't get something cleaned up.

I lost 5.8 lbs in April. Major accomplishment for me! Plus I dropped a pant size, so my clothes are fitting much better now!

What I'm Looking Forward to in May:
Going back to church!

Cashing in our receipt from our Tax Day Chick-fil-A meal and getting everything on it for free!

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  1. My sister Beth got me turned on to the Shopoholic series - it's some of my favorite girly mind candy escape reading.

    I LOVE the book Love and Logic. I use it frequently myself. Has helped with my spectrum kiddo.

    I've been craving a gyro for the better part of a week now.

    My husband cleaned my oven when I was at church Sunday - without me asking or knowing. He makes my heart leap.

    I got to go back to church last Sunday which made me feel in the loop again . . .

    You know what? Tomorrow is Little Things Thursday - I always stop by on Thursdays because it some of my favorite posts that you write.

    1. :) Thanks for your comment! It's good to hear another vote in favor of Love and Logic. It's definitely on my list.

      And a husband who cleans the oven is a definite keeper!

  2. I saw the Shopaholic movie and loved it. :)

    In my very humble opinion (and not having kids yet ;)) there are a lot better grace-based parenting resources out there than TTUAC. :) I have a read a LOT by the Pearls and while they have some good ideas overall I think their belief system is very works based. Honestly, I agree with a lot of their stuff outside of the discipline field. (like letting your kids be independent and encouraging them to pursue their God-given talents and interests, not following the "stay at home daughter" mindset. :)) But, I feel like they are pretty harsh when it comes to "child training". :) My unasked for 2cents. ;)

    Some of my favorite reads have been "accidental" library finds! :)

    SO proud of you for the weightloss. I am sorry I was unable to meet my goals, but hey you'll get to benefit from that. ;-)

    1. I absolutely agree with your about To Train up a Child. I am very unimpressed with it so far. In fact, I would recommend that others avoid it. There are much better parenting books available.

      I haven't seen the Shopaholic movie, but maybe I need to check it out!

      You did awesome in the DietBet! Don't get frustrated! Keep going, girl!

  3. I am obsessed with the shopaholic books. They are on my "every summer" reading list (along with Harry Potter - I teach English during the school year so my brain loves easy summer reading!). I love laughing out loud at books!

    1. You know, I read the first Harry Potter book and thought the movies were much more entertaining. Should I give the series another try?

      Yeah, I think I might have to read more shopaholic books. I like to read non-stressful books right before I go to sleep to relax.

  4. Sophie Kinsella is a fun writer isn't she?
    Just to echo Didi (above) I haven't read TTUAC but have heard so many negative reports of it that put me off completely. Many people claim that the Pearl's teachings are abusive but I hope if you read it that is not actually the case.
    Lots of great stuff here, I'm glad you joined the link-up, Rebecca. It's nice to 'meet' you! :)

    1. Yeah, I think TTUAC should be avoided. I'm almost halfway through the book and find a lot of things in it disturbing. Avoid it, most definitely!

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. I LOVE Castle. Love it. Did I say Love? ;)

    1. Me too! We have the first season on hold at the library right now because we jumped on the band wagon a little late!

  6. If you're looking for new Nichole Nordeman stuff, she hasn't released whole new CDs, but she has been busy songwriting-wise. I definitely recommend the Music Inspired by the Story CD. She wrote the lyrics for all the tracks, and sings on one of them with Amy Grant. It's really good!

    1. Ooo! Thanks for the tip! I'm glad to hear she hasn't disappeared! :)

  7. I went through a huge Sophie Kinsella phase when I worked at the library. Jealous that you are making time to read; I haven't picked up a book in AGES!

    And my stove is filthy right now - even though I've only had it like a week (the old one died unexpectedly, so delightful). :)

    1. I've only started reading again in the last six months. Before that, it was just survival! Now I read for about 20-30 minutes each night before bed. It helps me relax! You'll get back to that point, don't worry!

  8. I enjoy reading Sophie Kinsella's books- great fluff reads. The Shopaholic movie was so-so but the books are fun. I have to admit my heart started pounding when I saw you were reading the book by the Pearls but I'm relieved to see in the comments that you wouldn't recommend it. I am horrified anyone would strongly recommend their abusive methodology. Elizabeth Esther has written extensively about the damage they've done, if you want to learn more.

    Food Inc. is so eye-opening, isn't it? I definitely have eaten less meat since watching it a few years back. I love Wicked! I saw it twice when I still lived in Chicagoland and it's definitely in my top 5 musicals. Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

    1. I'm almost finished with the second Shopaholic book. They are silly and fun and require no brain cells...perfect for before bed!

      It sounds like we have a lot in common. Thanks for leaving a comment!


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