Sunday, August 11, 2013

Go Blog Social Blog Conference Recap

Last weekend, I had a chance to attend my first blogging conference. I always get a glazed over look when I mention the conference to people, so let me explain what it is.

At this point in the internet age, blogging is actually a career path. Just like you might be sent to a conference as part of your job duties in your field, there are blogging conferences offered all over to teach better practices and how to be more effective as a blogger. Interesting, right? Very much so! I had no idea they existed when I started this blog three years ago. Of course, I was also sick as a dog with quadruplets, so blogging as more than a way to keep people in the loop was as far from my mind as could possibly be...

Go Blog Social had it's inaugural conference here in Kansas City over the weekend. I chose to go to this one because it was inexpensive, and I wouldn't need to pay for a hotel room. Made sense to me.

For me, the highlights of the weekend included, meeting my blog crush: Tracie from Penny Pinchin' Mom, developing a deeper friendship with my friend, Sarah from OMG There's Three, and meeting two other mommy bloggers from Kansas City: Ashley from Marie and Me Learning and Stephanie from The Making of a Mom.

My goal at this conference was to do a little networking (including meeting my blog crush!) and learn some of the nitty-gritty stuff that blogging consists of: how to build a great blog, how to use keywords, and how to work with brands in a natural way. I bet you didn't realize that there was so much going on behind the posts that I write, did you?

While I did pick up some new information, I found that the vast majority of the conference was geared toward fashion bloggers. I didn't realize until I got there, that the conference was started by fashion bloggers, was mostly attended by fashion bloggers, and that most of the speakers bloggers. If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that "Rebecca" and "fashion" don't go together. I'm one of those moms that pull the top tshirt out of the drawer and start my day.

So while I felt like the conference was definitely not geared toward those of us in other blogging niches, I was very pleased to meet some new people and a couple of brands that I hadn't heard of before.

This blogger is seriously amazing, knows her stuff inside and out, and is such a kind person in real life. It was a real pleasure to get to speak with her for a few minutes! 
Traci Fobes from Penny Pinchin Mom

Expo Hall: This is where brands set up to meet bloggers. Most of them were jewelry based, but it was also Go Blog Social's first year. Hopefully next year they invite more brands and expand it to include more products that aren't solely fashion based. Nothing against the jewelry tables at all, because those women were wonderful! I just like variety...and again, I'm not so fashionable. I should work on that. In all my free time.

This was my first blogging conference, and they had a surprise for us! I guess blogging conferences always offer Swag Bags of items that brands send over to get in front of bloggers. It was fun to go through it and see some new items that I hadn't heard of before.

Some of the only other Mommy Bloggers there. I was SO happy to meet them!
Ashley from Marie and Me Learning, Stefanie from Making of a Mom, Me, and Sarah from OMG There's Three

And then apparently, it was my lucky weekend! I won a ton of  brand giveaways. Yay!

Jewelry from Erin Paige Designs

Wine Gift Basket (basket not pictured) from Seasons 52

Personalized Jewelry from Hello Cheeseburger. Love it!

With the Go Blog Social blogging conference being local to Kansas City, I was still able to make it home both evenings to tuck the kids in bed and spend some time with Sean. I miss my babies when I'm gone! Many thanks to the best husband in the world for holding down the fort with the quads while I was gone!

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  1. It was great to meet you Rebecca! Wonderful to see the real person behind your site!

    I am glad that you liked the session - it was fun to teach and I love helping bloggers learn what I never knew when I first started out myself.

    Take care!

    1. Tracie, I'm not sure why I didn't make it over to introduce myself, but I really loved your talk. I hope I get a chance to meet you some other time.

    2. Thanks, Tracie! I hope to hear you speak again in the future! You were amazing!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! I can't wait to go to my first one!

    1. I hope you get to go soon, Nicole! I'm hoping to make another conference next year (have to save up first!)!

  3. Very well done review! My highlight was getting to know you so much better...and Tracie - Tracie was awesome. They should have let her talk longer!!!

    1. I totally agree about Tracie! I'd go listen to her for the whole weekend!

      And I loved getting to know you better as well! Yay for friendship!


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