Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toilet Paper Mummy

I'm totally getting into the whole craft/activity thing with my kids! It's so fun for me to see them start to follow directions and create something. Granted, it doesn't always turn out exactly how I envisioned it in my mind, but it's the journey, not the destination, right?

Over the weekend, I roped my hubby into helping me with this one. It involved glue, so I thought a 2 to 4 ratio was better than just me trying to work with all four kids. It ended up not being a big deal at all, but family crafts are always more fun anyway!

I started by drawing a little man and tracing him onto four pieces of paper. A quicker way would be to draw him once, and copy him four times, but my printer isn't hooked up at the moment. I chose not to cut him out of the four sheets so that the kids could color him before we dressed him up.

After tracing him, I darkened the lines with an orange sharpie to make it stand out. Then I set the kids around the table and let them color to their hearts content. That's always their favorite part! These kiddos LOVE coloring!

Hard at work on their little men: Elijah, Abby, Ellie, and Caleb

Elijah went with a Halloween color scheme: orange and black. Pretty sure those were just the two crayons he was able to get his hands on.

Still hard at work: Caleb, Elijah, Abby, and Ellie

I love the concentration on Ellie's face!

Once we were finally finished coloring, I pulled out the glue sticks and the roll of toilet paper. I imagine this goes without saying, but leaving those two items unattended with quadruplets is a bad idea. I just like to make sure everyone understands the hazards before starting a project. :)

Using individual squares of toilet paper, we helped the kids glue the mummy "wrappings" onto the little man. Abby was definitely the most enthusiastic about attaching the toilet paper. It was pretty cute to see her going to town with it!

When the kids had the mummies covered up enough, we added eyes, a nose, and a mouth and called it finished! Easy and fun, and most likely you have everything you need to do this at home with your own little kids!

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  1. This is my kind of craft: nice and simple! And glue sticks are so much better than liquid glue! Cute pictures. :)

  2. Too cute! Glad the kids enjoyed it. :)

  3. Super cute craft! They look like they had a great time doing it too.


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