Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Thankfulness Project: The Family I Married Into

The Thankfulness Project is a community sourced project for the month of November focusing on the things we are thankful for in life. I write a weekly post called The Little Things Thursdays about things I'm thankful for, but The Thankfulness Project is all about your stories! Want to participate? Just send me a short post with 200 words or less and a photo or two. Try to focus on just one or two specific things rather than trying to cover everything that comes to mind. Then, send your submission to theishumquads "at" gmail.com. By sending me your story, you are giving me permission to post it on the blog and in social media. I can't wait to hear from you: readers, bloggers, even those who wish to remain anonymous!

The Thankfulness Project is written by guest posters. The stories and opinions expressed in these posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of A Beautiful Ruckus.
Today's post is from Beth Ann at It's Just Life:

Every single day there are things that trigger my senses and memories of what is important in my life.  Perhaps the most vivid memories are the times I have spent with family---those times spent with immediate and distant relatives—catching up on life events and sharing meals and conversations.

Those memories are what I hold near and dear in my heart with thankfulness.  I have been blessed with both a loving and supportive family of my own in addition to in-laws that have welcomed me into their lives.   I realize that not everyone has similar experiences as mine and that is what makes those memories even more important to me.
Physical possessions do not usually carry a lot of weight with me.  I have what I need but the “things” that I am most thankful for are the things that belonged to others before me.  When my father in law passed away 2 years ago we cleared out his house and in the process took some antiques that had been in the family for years.  He had painstakingly stripped and refinished them and now it seems appropriate to me to have them in our home as a constant reminder of the love of a family that took me in as one of their own. 
Yes, I am thankful for these physical things but more thankful for the love that I associate with them. 


  1. I can certainly identify with Beth Ann's sentimentality here because it is the same for me. I have many things in my home that either one belonged to my parents or that they made for me. They are all nice things; but the best thing is that they are constant reminders to me of my parent's love.

  2. So happy to be on your blog today!! Thankful for that opportunity!!!!

  3. When a dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly, I found myself especially glad for his generosity to me over the years with birthday and Christmas gifts. I took comfort in seeing little keepsakes around my home that he had chosen for me and in wearing the college football sweatshirts that he had given me. These things were always special to me, but after my friend was gone, I was glad to have constant physical reminders of his kindness and thoughtfulness to me. Thanks for a lovely post, Beth Ann!


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