Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Little Grocery Helpers

My kids always want to help. Or maybe I should say, they always want to "help."

If you are a parent, I know you know what I'm talking about.

Once a week, I go grocery shopping, and come home to find four little helpers anxious to "help" me unload and put away the groceries. Of course, I think part of it is that they want to see what I brought home for them. It's true. I've found teeth marks in random packages of food that are still sealed.

I finally took a little video of the chaos that ensues as we try to unload and put away our groceries.
As my smiling dad used to say about me and my siblings when we were little, "They take a one hour job and turn it into a three hour job!"

Aw, but they are so cute while they do it!


  1. It doesn't look like they are much help--maybe it would be better for them to gather the empty bags and put those away. That's wild--I'd be going crazy with all that confusion!

  2. They are very cute while they do it!!! You are a great mommy to let them help!!! Sweet video but I can totally get how a 5 minute task turns into much more!!!

  3. They're so cute! My kids use to love helping with the groceries, but lately I can't hardly get them to lift a finger on any chores :( Mine will turn a 10 minute chore into a 3 hour chore.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is adorable! I love how they all do it in their own way: eat it, stack it, shake it, put it in the sink. If it went on too long, you'd likely have groceries all over the house. How cute they enjoy it so much.

  5. Oh boy. Oh so much fun and not so much all at the same time. Their little personalities all came out when "helping" though. Very cute and in some respects a good sensory activity for them.


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