Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Meal Plan: 1/12-1/18

If you are looking for some of the strategies that help us decide what to eat every week, make sure you check out our Meal Tip Series!

Oops! I make my grocery list and meal plan for the week on Friday/Saturday mornings. I seemed to have left one really important ingredient off my list this week: chicken. This afternoon, I went to the refrigerator to pull out the chicken for our meal tonight, wasn't there. So I quickly rearranged my list, and now I have a gap day. We have plenty of food to make up for my missing dinner, but I don't know what we will eat yet.

So see? Sometimes planning doesn't always work! :)

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Mini Chicken Pot Pies, Salad (Thank goodness I had pre-cooked, diced chicken in the freezer!)
Tuesday: Sandwiches (Mom has Bible study)
Wednesday: Gap Night (Hmm...)
Thursday: Pumpkin Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon
Friday: Taco Salad
Saturday: Leftovers

What is on your menu this week? Leave me some inspiration!


  1. It all sounds yummy! I have a Mediterranean Chicken dish on tap for tonight. Last week was comfort food all the way with Chicken and Dumplings, Mac and Cheese, Toscana Soup and Ham and Beans!!!

  2. Shoot, I tried to comment and it disappeared! Anyway, I did the same thing the other day. I was making chicken pot pie, got all the stuff out and no chicken! So I had to walk up town - that only takes 3 mins - and buy some! I also have Bible study night and two karate nights, it's hard to cook then. And I checked out your mini pot pies, they're adorable!

  3. I hate when that happens and I'm left racking my brain to replace a meal and it always ends up being a meal I really wanted. lol Life right.

    Taco salad sounds so good right now. I wonder if I could talk the hubby out of Frito Pie and into it instead.

  4. Those mini pot pies sound delicious. We're having chicken alfredo and a taco bake this week among other things I haven't planned yet. I'm sure you'll come up with something delicious for tomorrow's dinner.

  5. something easy like mac and cheese with tuna or something haha (for your gap day)

    tonight we are having Knorr Fetticini Alfredo with cut up chicken breast haha


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