Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Between Friends Consignment Sales are Back!

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Well, this is clearly becoming a regular thing!

I just did a search for previous posts that I've written about consignment sale shopping, and let's just say that I come across as kind of a consignment sale fanatic. And rightly so!

Here is how it works for normal families:
Mommy and Daddy bring home a baby. After two or three years, a second baby is born. Baby #2 wears and uses everything that Baby #1 has already grown out of. Essentially, Mommy and Daddy can buy one wardrobe for a girl and one wardrobe for a boy, and be pretty well set for any number of children they have, just picking up a few incidentals as needed. (I'm the oldest of six, so I saw this in action growing up!)

Here is how it works for our family:
Mommy and Daddy bring home Baby #1, Baby #2, Baby #3, and Baby #4 at the same time. There are two babies of each gender. Mommy and Daddy have to buy four new wardrobes every time they need a new size or a new season starts because everyone is the same size.

Can you see the $$$ just floating away? Completely unaffordable. Completely.

So I use consignment sales to keep our kids in clothes, shoes, birthday and Christmas gifts, coats, learning activities, books, movies...goodness, just about everything. And I start to get a little excited about this time of year because:

Consignment Sale Season is Starting!

If you haven't tried consignment sale shopping, you HAVE to put this on your bucket list.Whether you have one kids or quads like me, it is an excellent way to save money (50-90% below retail!) without sacrificing quality (everything is checked for condition). I've even convinced both sets of grandparents to do their Christmas and birthday shopping at consignment sales too. More bang for the buck!

So I'd like to invite you to join me at one of my favorite consignments sales: Just Between Friends!
Below are the details for the sales in the metro Kansas City area. If you don't live here, you can find more sales all over the country on the Just Between Friends website!

The Pavilion at John Knox Village
520 NW Murray Rd, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

  • Thursday, Feb 20th   10am-7pm - Prime Time Shopping  <---I always go to this one!
    • $10 admission for 18+, children free
    • Tip: Check the website to see if you qualify to get in for free this day! Military, First Time Moms, and Moms of Multiples all qualify along with several other groups!
  • Friday, Feb 21st   10am-7pm - Open to the Public
    • $2 admission, 18+
  • Saturday, Feb 22nd   10am-7pm - Open to the Public
    • 25% off items without a star, free admission
  • Sunday, Feb 23rd   10-7pm - 50% off sale
    • 50% off items without a star, free admission
Extra tip: They've been giving away gift certificates, pre-sale passes, and Starbucks gift cards on the Just Between Friends, Lee's Summit FaceBook page!

For all of my Twitter buddies, there will be a Twitter Party for the Lee's Summit event on February 19th from 8pm-9pm. Use the hashtag #JBFKC to join the conversation, get a peak at what the sale offers, and more!

Overland Park International Trade Center
6800 W. 115th St. Overland Park, Kansas 66211
If you'd like to party for the Overland Park event, there will be a Twitter Party on February 26th from 8pm-9pm. Use the hashtag #JBFKC to join that conversation as well!

So I have to ask, are you a consignment sale junkie like me? If so, what is your best find??

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Just Between Friends of Lee’s Summit and Overland Park. This program is in partnership with Real Mom Media (  All opinions are my own. For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


  1. Between area consignment sales and consignment shops, my daughter rarely gets anything brand-new! Books, clothes, toys, potties... We love gently used. My best friend had twins last year - I taught her how to shop a sale and now we've add the multiples sale to. The list as well. We do 3-4 sales a season. Best deal? $1 on shoes - looking like they've never been worn!


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