Friday, March 14, 2014

One More Set of Preschool Photos...

Did you catch yesterday's post about our first day of preschool? So fun!

There was one set of photos that I left out though. The post was getting long, and honestly, I just love that we were able to catch photos of us with each of our kids individually. So they get their own post!

The Official First Day of Preschool Photos:




 Yep! Definitely saving these for their graduation photo albums!


  1. Rebecca.. *tearing up a llttle* God. Is. So. Good!!!! There were moments during your pregnancy and their first little days that I wondered if everything would be okay, if everything would work out, and I just look at their little faces and all that they (AND YOU AND SEAN!!!!!!!) are accomplishing and doing and I am just SO GRATEFUL!! Thank you for posting the laughs, the tears, the sleepies, the overjoyeds.... I really LOVE that you share your life with us, so that we can say "WOW!! They serve an amazingly big wonderful loving GOOD God" *HUG* I love you all BUNCHES, and hope someday to really meet these little people that have taken up such a strong place in my heart!! I love YOU! :)


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