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Book Highlights from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (and why you need it!)

I am offering this amazing deal as an affiliate. You are going to LOVE this! It costs you nothing extra to use my links, but it helps to supporting our family and blog! So thanks in advance!

We are hopefully on the road to recovery over here. All of the kids ended up with ear and sinus infections, so we have lots of antibiotics going on right now. With everything going on over here, my writing schedule just flew out the window. I'm hoping it will be back to normal next week, but I didn't want this week to end without actually posting a few reviews on the books in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle...because the 95% off sale ends on Monday!
Okay, so with 78 ebooks, 2 audio files, 2 ecourses, 2 printable packs, and 10 bonus resources, I haven't actually been able to look at all of them. That's a LOT of resources, and I've been taking care of four sick babies since I bought my bundle. But I have managed to find the time scan through a few titles that caught my eye. Maybe one will look interesting to you?

Steady Routines-A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood by Jamie C. Martin (retail is $14.95): With my super Type A personality, you'd think that I would keep my house organized. NOT. I feel like I'm constantly battling chaos and messes and piles of paperwork and artwork and trying to balance everything on top of that. Is it just me, or do you find your house messier after the weekend as well? It can get so discouraging! Martin helps outline some simple things to do to streamline life. Everything from cleaning to working with children to scheduling meals is covered. Basically, it's a crash course in being a more effective CEO of your home to make time for everything else you want to do. But better than that, she does it in baby steps. Thank goodness, because I tend to get overwhelmed if someone throws too much at me at the same time. I'm excited to pursue this book a bit more since just about every aspect of my life could use some organizing!

Pieces of Mommy-Putting Yourself Back Together by Sarah Strausbaugh (retail is $7.99): Can I just say how happy I am to see a book on this topic in this bundle? This book is about maintaining who you are in spite of all of the demands of motherhood. Being a mommy isn't an either or thing. You don't have to give up everything you enjoy when kids enter the picture. In fact, it's important to keep nurturing yourself WHILE nurturing kids. This is a beautiful book for beautiful precious women who too often forget that they are important too. Give yourself permission to read this, because by doing so, you'll be giving yourself permission to enjoy life a lot more!

The Healthy Lunch Box-Sandwich-Free Secrets to Packing Real Food Lunch by Katie Kimball (retail is $8.95): More and more, I find myself wanting to move our family to more of a real food diet. It's just heathier. But I love the ease of prepackaged food and grilled cheese made with processed American cheese slices are kind of a staple over here. I'm always ready to listen if someone has inspiration to share with me on how to change up our meals, make them tasty, and have them be a bit healthier. It includes tips on how to pack hot and cold lunches, how to make lunch work without access to a microwave or oven to reheat things, and recipes that include main dishes, sides, dips, and snacks. Yummy!

Just Making Ice Cream, by Marillyn Beard (retail is $12.00): Whoa. There is an entire book on making homemade ice cream in this bundle. Homemade Ice Cream. Is there anything better in the entire world?! (The answer is, "No.") Look, there is absolutely no point in waxing on and on about this book when the titles of a few of the 70 recipes will tell you everything you need to know: Salty Caramel Pecan. Dark Chocolate Mesquite. Honey Green Tea. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Mexican Chocolate. Lemon Cherry Swirl Cheesecake. AND if you don't have an ice cream maker, she tells you how to make your recipes without one. Summer is coming!!

Free Things to Do With Kids-A Real Mom's Guide by Shannon Brown (retail is $5.97): Sometimes you just need someone to say, "Hey! Here is an idea of something to do with your kids!" In the midst of those mornings when everyone is off-kilter, and no one wants to play nicely, it can be hard to come up with activites off the top of your head. Brown takes care of that with her simple and oh-so-helpful book that is organized by inside, outside, out and about, learning, and holiday activity ideas. And the best part? They are all FREE!!

Character Badges (retail is $9.99): All of your experienced moms are going to laugh at me, but good heavens! Parenting seems to be getting harder and harder by the day. I'm guessing that it's an uphill battle from here. That's why one of the most exciting things to find in this bundle is a program called Character Badges. It's a simple method of helping kids understand that there are consequences to everything including both good and bad behavior. I love that this program is visual, tangible, and reinforces that kids have a choice in whether they choose to obey or disobey. And it's easy to use! This bundle includes the Character Badges program for kids ages 5-12. (They also have a Little Character Badges program for kids ages 3-5 that's not included.)

Well, darn! Six books out of 94 resources. This isn't a very good representation of all of the categories, but hopefully it gives you an idea of the wonderful quality of books in this bundle. I didn't even touch on the sections covering Faith, Faith for Kids, Blogging and Work at Home, Finances, Natural Living, Homeschooling, Marriage, Pregnancy and Babies, and more. Go here for a list of everything included in the bundle. It's pretty incredible, and I'm thrilled to have a library that covers so many topics! (and having everything in digital form means that my new library doesn't take up any space!)

The sale ends on Monday, and the $800 worth of resources for only $29.95 will officially be gone forever. Don't miss this by waiting any longer! And don't forget the 14 day money back guarantee! You can buy, look through the books, and then decide for sure if you'll find it helpful (and you will. I promise!)
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