Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter 2014, Part 2: The Other Side, Whipped Cream, and Vomit

Well, a whole WEEK after I promised it, I'm finally getting to post about Easter with my side of the family. If you missed the post and photos from Easter with Sean's side of the family, you can see that adorableness here.

So Easter with my family was fun and a little disappointing at the same time. Sean had to work, so he didn't get to come with us. *sniff* I've spent more Easters without him than with him, but I always hate not having my hubby with me on special days. It just doesn't feel right. He works so hard though, and never complains. I'm so grateful that he is my partner in life, and I think he is equally grateful that I brought home leftover dinner for him to heat up. We make a great team, right? :)

Anyhow, I loaded the kids up for the short drive to my parents' house for dinner. We had a great ham meal, and then dug into the cheesecake that my dad requested I make. The little kids were running around and missed the cheesecake...but they sure didn't miss when Grandpa pulled out the whipped cream.

It's amazing how quickly little people can all appear when Grandpa is squirting fingers with the good stuff!
Abby and Grandpa

 Ellie, Elijah, and Grandpa. Check out that cheezy grin on Eli's face. He was SO thrilled that Grandpa was sharing!

But really, photos don't do the whipped cream portion of the meal justice. I finally started recording our kids and their cousin Aly all lining up for a squirt:
Those kids could have stood there with their fingers out all day long, but Grandpa eventually put the cap back on the whipped cream so that we could start the Easter egg hunt. Uncle Josh and Uncle Chris hid the eggs in the front yard (the backyard is too steep), and the kids started hunting!

I was delighted that Caleb decided to hunt for a few eggs this time. He hasn't ever wanted to participate before, so the fact that he went looking for his eggs was fun for me to watch.

Each egg was filled with trail mix with one special candy-filled egg for each kid. I never would have thought to put trail mix in the eggs. How smart is that?!


Caleb, Abby, Elijah, Ellie, and Cousin Aly were all over the egg hunt. There is something so fun about watching all those little legs running over the yard trying to fill their baskets up.

I was glad to have Uncle Josh and Uncle Chris guarding the cul-de-sac and herding wandering kids back up into the yard. The kids love their uncles, and I never turn down extra hands!
Uncle Chris, Ellie, Uncle Josh, and Abby

This is where it really starts getting good. So after the the hunt was over, we all sat on the front steps while we dug into our eggs.
 Caleb and Cousin Aly

Elijah and Caleb
Ellie, in particular, was a big fan of the trail mix. My dad kept saying, "Look! She's like a piranha! Watch this!" Grandpa would open an egg, and Ellie would inhale the contents in one mouthful. It was hilarious!
Ellie, Cita, and Grandpa

We were all laughing and enjoying each other's company, and suddenly, Abby started puking her guts out right in the middle of all of us. Too much whipped cream, Abby?
Abby and Mommy

When Abby started throwing up, I handed my camera to one of my brothers. This is what was happening behind me while I was taking care of my daughter. That's pretty much exactly what they are like all the time.
 Mike and Chris

They took a lot more photos (of random trash, Abby's vomit, the plunger in the bathroom), but I'll spare you those. I think Abby and I both learned a lesson here. She should maybe not eat so much whipped cream, and I should maybe not hand my camera to my brothers for safe keeping.

Anyhow, I got Abby cleaned up while my parents moved the rest of the kiddos inside. By the time I was done cleaning Abby up, I looked up to see this sad face in the window:

It was obviously time to head home.

What can I say? It's always an adventure taking these kiddos places! Next time, I just hope Daddy can join us for the fun!


  1. Oh boy !! These things happen ! It seemed like an otherwise, great day though:)

  2. Love reading your adventures :) Poor Abby! It's hard to say no to whipped cream.

  3. My turn! My turn!! Oh the kiddos are cute. Gotta love all that energy. Too bad Abby had too much whipped cream though. Poor thing. :(


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