Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tissue Paper Flowers + Free Printable

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Ready for another preschool craft project? This one is perfect for spring!

We decided to make some springtime Tissue Paper Flowers to practice our gluing skills. Whoever invented glue sticks is seriously a genius. No way would I give my kids liquid glue at this point, but the glue sticks are perfect for this age!
Clockwise from left: Caleb, Abby, Ellie, and Elijah

Using my fantastic art skills (lol!) I drew a giant flower for the kids to work with. I wanted them to have a chance to practice gluing, so I drew all of the "petals" as squares. You'll see why in a moment. 
 Ellie...coloring in the lines!

But first, we had to do a little coloring!
Caleb practicing the names of colors

The kids are talking more and more now that they are in preschool. I think the combination of having to talk because they aren't in class with each other, and having onsite speech therapy is really helping a lot! They started naming the colors of the crayons as they picked them up, so we went with that for awhile. Even Caleb was naming colors. Hearing his little voice never ceases to delight me! We've waited so long to hear him talk.
Abby: "It's BLUE!"

Once the kids tired of coloring, I pulled out the glue sticks and the tissue paper squares. A LOT comes in each package of tissue paper squares, so I figured out pretty quickly that putting some in a bowl to choose from made far more sense than giving them everything at once.

Why, yes...that is a snowman bowl! Hey, I grab what is handy in the moment!

Just a note: I have some glue sticks that are white, and some that are purple (but dry clear). The purple ones are much easier for little ones who are learning how to glue, because they can see where they are rubbing it. When shopping for these, make sure you pick up the ones that go on visibly!

I pretty much let the kids lead this activity when it came to how they wanted to glue. Ellie liked to put her glue on the tissue paper squares and then stick them to the paper. Abby preferred to put the glue on her paper, and then stick the tissue paper squares on top.

And Elijah applied the glue to his forehead...and then ate it. Oh yeah, in addition to looking for purple glue sticks, make sure they also say, "non-toxic." You know, just in case.

The girls definitely have a longer attention span than the boys do. When Elijah and Caleb got bored with the gluing, I let them run off and play. The girls stayed at the table awhile longer though, carefully choosing which colors of tissue paper they wanted to use next.
Abby and Ellie

This was a super easy project to prep, and the tissue paper squares are so cheap (and so many come in a package!). If you don't have those, you can cut squares out of construction paper, although that will require more prep work ahead of time. You can also print my flower drawing to save extra time. :)

Happy spring!

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  1. I think girls like crafts better than boys.

  2. DARLING pics today! I no longer need pre-school crafts, but so enjoyed "watching" your sweeties do theirs! Happy Day!

  3. I love that purple glue (although I've never actually tasted it) - it's so easy for kids to apply. and dries fast, which is very important because when my girls go on a craft binge, there are drying artwork everywhere.


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