Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Little Things Thursdays: #90

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Welcome to The Little Things Thursday!!

If you are new to our link-up, we like to take a minute to look back on the little things that brightened our week. So often we get busy and forget all of the things that we enjoy as we go through our daily lives. This is an opportunity to stop, remember, and enjoy those things! Nothing is too fact, the smaller the better! That's the whole point! If you have a blog, link-up below. If you don't blog, I'd love for you to participate by leaving a comment. Ready?

1. Birthday Hay Ride
The son of one of my good friends had a birthday party two weekends ago! He just turned one, and since they live on a farm, they had a good old fashioned hay ride/bonfire/farm theme! It's probably not right that I had as much fun as I did at a one-year-old's birthday party. :) The kids loved it too! Everything from roasting hot dogs, to climbing on hay bales, to riding in the wagon, to sneaking sugar cookies when I wasn't looking. I was especially excited to see Caleb loving every single moment of it. He ran around without a care in the world and soaked up every bit of his farm experience. So far, it's definitely been a highlight of our fall!

2. I Went to Branson, and All I Took a Picture of Was....
...these mini doughnuts. How SAD is that?

A friend and I have been talking about doing a girls' weekend in Branson (about 4 hours from where we live) for the last year and a half. We were supposed to go last fall, but she had a baby. We finally got to go last weekend, and it was SO fun! It was just the two of us, and we left the husbands at home with the kids. We went to Silver Dollar City to ride the roller coasters, took a tour of Marvel Cave, and checked out the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. It was a quick trip with us driving down on Saturday morning and heading back on Sunday afternoon, but we crammed a lot in!

As for the mini doughnuts, Sean and I have a bit of an inside joke about mini doughnuts and periodically buy them to munch on while watching movies. They are soooo bad for you, but they are kind of our "thing." So I took the photo of the mini doughnuts....and forgot to take a photo of Renee and I having a Mommy Vacation. I guess I was having too much fun to bother with a camera!

3. Elijah and His Exploration of the Girl's Side of the Closet
Uh....I really don't know what to say here other than that Elijah has taken a sudden liking to putting on the girls' dress up costumes this week. It's kind of hilarious because if you ask him if he feels beautiful, he answers, "yes" with a bashful look. Lol! Gotta love these preschool phases!

4. Expensive Stickers
Abby has a true love of stickers. It doesn't matter what picture the sticker has on it, if it gets stuck somewhere. The windows, the floors, the table, random furniture and toys. Once she finds a sticker, it has to go somewhere. Last week, she found a book of stamps. I highly doubt she will ever stick more expensive stickers than she did that day. I ended up on my hands and knees, carefully peeling them up off of our wood floors to try to save them. They have now lost most of their stickiness, but are still usable if I tape them to the envelope...I think.

Ten minutes later, I realized that I missed one. She put it on her shirt. :)

5. Ellie and Caleb
And because I was taking photos of Elijah in a dress, and Abby with postage stamps stuck to her, Ellie and Caleb had to get in on the fun. Or rather, Ellie had to get in on the fun. Caleb found the need to smile for the camera rather torturous.

6. The Aroma Complete
So this is a BIG deal. Like a REALLY BIG deal. If you are an essential oils user, then you will look at that photo above and gasp. If you aren't an essential oils user, you should gasp anyway. The oily team that I'm on had a private contest during August and September. I wasn't trying to win after that contest fiasco earlier this summer, but I ended up coming out on top! AND the prize above is the prize that I won this summer that I didn't get to keep. So I won it again AND got to keep it this time! To put it in perspective, click here and see how much this puppy is worth. *gasp!* This Aroma Complete kit is a huge blessing to us as we head into this upcoming season with oils. We are officially more than ready! #BringIt!

Now it's your turn! What Little Things brightened up your week? Link up your post below (or leave a comment if you aren't a blogger) and make sure you come back next week to play again!

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  1. What things brightened my week? This post ALWAYS brightens my week! Thank you!
    Lee Ann

  2. This is my favorite Little Things Thursday ever! I love that you were having too much fun in Branson to take pictures. I love the picture of Elijah - haha! And I LOVE that you won those oils (again!) - justice prevails! :)


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