Tuesday, October 14, 2014

15 MORE Things I've Learned About Parenting Preschoolers

Several months ago, I posted the first list of 10 Things I've Learned About Parenting Toddlers. Well, here we are with four preschoolers, and they have given me the inspiration for another list. I'm trying to decide if I should thank them for their help with this post or not...regardless, I would like to dedicate it to my four littles who drive me crazy with frustration, love, and laughter!

1.   When it gets quiet, fear for your valuables.
2.   Little girls are more sneaky than boys. SO much more sneaky.
3. Bumps and bruises are easily fixed with lots of cuddles and kisses.
4. Mommy's food always tastes better than the same food on their plate. But nothing tastes as good as "chicken fries" from McDonalds.
5. The Toy Story writers were really on to something. I'm now a firm believer that toys get up and walk around based on the number of times that I've tripped walking through a room.
6. Postage stamps double as very expensive stickers.
7. TV is like a well given dose of Benedryl. Everyone calms down and the noise level generally drops.
8. Kids pay attention to the calender. Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries are the ideal days to get the stomach flu or spike a 105.5 degree fever.
9. Any hurdle can be overcome as long as cookies are the incentive and mom is not watching.
10. The most interesting books in the whole house are Daddy and Mommy's books about marriage. You know, the ones with paper pages and no pictures. Even more interesting are ALL of the books on the entire shelf. At the same time.
11. Having a laundry room on a another level of the house is just asking for trouble. It's like the antithesis of Mary Poppins visits every time I leave the room.
12. Four boxes of tissues make excellent "snow".
13. School is quite possibly the best thing ever! The kids LOVE it (and let's face it, Mom loves it too!)
14. Just when you think life is slowing down and you can relax, you find another issue that you need to advocate for on behalf of your children. I'm starting to think "relaxation" and "motherhood" don't belong in the same sentence.
15. I know that as soon as I hit "publish" on this post, I will have a new item to add to this list. It's Murphy's Law.

Do you have little kids? What would you add to my list? Or maybe I should say, "What do you want to warn me about?"


  1. I've learned that kids can destroy a room in a matter of seconds. You know, unroll an entire roll of toilet paper. Then, mom being the cheap person she is, rolls it all back up, which takes twice as long as it took them to UNROLL it. Also, I've learned that they love to help with things, such as feeding the cat. Their idea of doing this isn't exactly as any sane adult would do it. Instead, they want the cat to go allll over the kitchen eating all the food they scattered throughtout the entire kitchen. Again, in a matter of seconds. For one last thing, the biggest thing I've learned, is that they can frustrate you beyond belief, but then say or do something that takes all that frustration away, in a matter of seconds. ;)


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