Wednesday, February 11, 2015

4th Birthday Interview: Abigail Rose

We did Caleb's birthday interview on Sunday, and now it's Abby's turn! She was so excited to get to answer her interview questions....and then we got bored about halfway through, so I had to help out a bit. :)

Abigail Rose
Our quirky, dramatic, sweet little girl!

How old are you? "I'm three!"
What makes you happy? "Dr. Amy" (I asked her this a couple of different times and in different ways. She kept giving me the same answer. Dr. Amy is our family chiropractor and has worked on Abby since she was an infant with severe eating issues...which she fixed in about 48 hours. Amazing! Dr. Amy and Abby have a tight bond. :) )
What is your favorite animal? "A bunny" (referring to her purple bunny that she sleeps with)
What is your favorite color? "Purple" (Abby loves purple more than anyone else in the entire world!)
What is your favorite thing to eat? "Cupcakes" (preferably purple cupcakes. She reminds me of this on a weekly basis)
What is your least favorite thing to eat? "Yucky cupcakes cause it stinks!" (...her logic makes sense to me!)
What is your favorite thing to do? "Grow" (She is determined to be a big girl. And she also loves playing dress up and singing about everything)
What is your favorite TV show? "Head, Knees, and Eyes" (a.k.a. the "World Animals Baby Einstein")
What is your favorite movie? "Tinkerbell and the Fairy Dust" (a.k.a. "Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy")
What are you really good at? Abby is our songbird. She is always singing either her own songs or songs she's picked up after hearing them only once or twice. She is also really good about loving on people with lots of hugs.
What is your favorite song? "Oh, What a Happy Day (from "Mickey and the Beanstalk")
What do you and your mom do together? Abby loves just hanging around for hugs. She's taken to walking up to me and asking if she can give me one. I LOVE it! It's the best thing ever! So we get lots of hugs in! :)
What do you and your dad do together? Abby loves playing the Wii-Fit Baseball game with Daddy and having him carry her around the house, giving her rides.
What is your favorite book? Her favorite books changes about as often as Abby changes her clothes. (and she changes her clothes a LOT). :)
What do you want to be when you grow up? As of right now, she really wants to be "a grandpa" when she grows up. True story! :D


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