Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just Between Friends Consignment Sale is Back...and I Found GREAT Deals!

Thank you to JBF Lee's Summit for sponsoring this post! I love writing about something I already love and do anyway!

It is FREEZING in Kansas City today. The snow held off for all of December, January, and most of February, but over the last week, we've had (a little) snow and very cold temperatures. It's so cold that the heater in our van can't keep up (or it might be going out on us, but I'm hoping that's not the case!)
But nothing stops me from getting to the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale every spring and fall. It is clearly marked on the calendar because this sale is how we afford birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, shoes, and more. The selection is SO big, that I have no problem finding what I need for four kids in the same size and being able to coordinate everything as well. Ah, my type A personality is so happy!
Want to see a few of the things that I found at the Just Between Friends spring sale? Say yes, because I love sharing my finds!!

I decided to start in the movie section today. I normally go for the shoes first, but thought I'd see if there was anything fun that the kids might enjoy watching when school is out this summer. Oh. My. WORD. There were probably 30 Disney movies, new in box for just a few dollars! Aladin, Cinderella, Pocahantas, and many more. I picked out about $90 of movies that were worth about $200! I did end up whittling my selection down to about $40 of movies (because I found so much other stuff I had to get!), but my kids will be delighted that I bought everything from Disney's Cars to Princess Sophia, to Doc McStuffins to a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD to add to our collection!

Then I wandered for a bit to see what other fun things they had before buckling down in the shoes and clothing sections.

I found this ah-maz-ing dollhouse filling with furniture in the toy section. If only we had room in our house for something this cool! I couldn't stop thinking about how high quality, and big it was though. Plenty of room for all of the kids to play at the same time! And then I saw someone else wheel it out on a dolly. *sniff!* That's the only thing about these sales. If you see it and you like it, GRAB it! If you don't, someone will come along behind you and snatch up that great deal and you won't get another chance at it. That's my big piece of consignment sale advice for you today. "You snooze, you lose."

But happily, I found PLENTY to fill up my bag and our closets....SHOES!
Okay, so just being honest. The JBF owner and a lot of volunteers know who I am now. I've been shopping this sale twice a year for four years. I'm "the shoe lady". I come in during every sale and buy my kids shoes plus two sizes up. I don't mind the title because it is absolutely ridiculous to pay full price when you can find like new items for only a few dollars. "Shoe Lady" is a badge that I wear proudly. I mean, wouldn't you if you found an almost new pair of sandals for your daughter for $2??? Abby is going to be thrilled!

And then, I just couldn't help myself. The little girl dresses! Oh my word. It's one of the best parts of having little girls! Right now, my girls are ALL about dresses. They consider themselves princesses when they can twirl around and have a dress billow out. It is precious! So I had to do a little "princess dress" shopping. I found SO many adorable sundresses and church dresses for $4 and $5. And then I came across these dresses:

I grabbed the pink one for $9 and the yellow for $12...both brand new! Now I just need some warm weather so that I can dress my girls up!

If you are in the Kansas City area this weekend, this sale is definitely worth stopping at! Don't worry, I left plenty of good stuff for you!

John Knox Pavillion
520 NW Murray Road
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Friday, February 20th
Open 10am-7pm
$2 admission for 18 and over.
You can bring a stroller and your kids, but it is BUSY. You've been warned!

Saturday, February 21st

Open 10am-7pm
FREE admission!

Sunday, February 22nd
Open 10am-7pm
FREE admission!
Marked items are 50% off!

Have fun shopping, and if you find a great deal, leave a comment and tell me what it is!!

This post was sponsored by JBF Lee's Summit, however all words, photos, and opinions are my own. I REALLY love this sale! This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


  1. I bought my girls that exact dollhouse for Christmas! (Wait, SANTA did. Shhhh!) That sucker was pricey, too. Can't believe someone put one in the sale! How awesome! And even more awesome that someone was lucky enough to get it already put together. lol

  2. What great finds!! I can't believe you found all those Disney movies..brand new, and those dresses for your girls are so pretty!


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