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Expert Consignment Sale Tips for the Just Between Friends Sale

Thank you to Just Between Friends Lee's Summit for sponsoring this post and for hosting a consignment sale that I love to shop at every spring and fall!

The other day, someone complimented me on my outfit, and I excitedly told them that I bought the entire thing at a discount store. The original commenter was impressed, but her friend standing next to her said, "Why would you say that?! I would have just said thank you and let her think I paid more for it."

Why? Well, because I LIKE the fact that I'm able to dress my family and go Christmas shopping for pennies on the dollar! What I like even more is that I can afford to buy nicer used things than I would be able to otherwise. And if I'm extra lucky, I can even find new things at STEEPLY discounted prices if I keep my eyes open. I don't mind talking about it, because I'd like to see every family save the kind of money we do by shopping smartly!

Let's be honest, I totally see it as a game now! #winning

One of the issues that quad families face is needing to buy four new wardrobes every season for their growing kids. There are no hand-me-downs within the family because everyone is the same size. How do we do it affordably? Consignment sale shopping!

One of my favorite places to shop for kids clothes, toys, shoes, and literally every other kid-thing imaginable is at the Just Between Friends Consignment sales twice a year. I go every February and August and stock up!

I have to show you some of my finds at past JBF sales!

The JBF Lee's Summit owner knows that I raid the shoe section every time I visit her sale. She kind of teases me about it now, because I leave with a whole bag full of shoes without fail. I found these almost new sandals for Abby at the spring sale for only $2. Yeah, $2!!!

Have you seen these adorable lace boutique dresses floating around on children's clothing sites? I had seen them and really wanted them for the girls, but I didn't want to pay boutique prices. I paid $9 for the pink one and $12 for the yellow one at the spring sale. and they were NEW!

At the last sale, I also found a whole box of new, shrink wrapped Disney DVDs! I ended up with Frozen (we wore out our first copy and needed a replacement) and Planes for the kids!

This is the toy section of the sale. So many toys. Oh my word....Did I mention that I like to do my Christmas shopping at the JBF fall sale? Toys are in such great condition and there are no boxes/zip ties to mess with on Christmas morning. It's great! If you are looking for bigger toys like play houses, play kitchens, wagons, bicycles, etc, walk in the door, and walk straight to the back of the toy section. They are along the wall at the back, and they go FAST!

This is another one of my favorite finds! I found these three trikes at the JBF sale last fall. I paid $35 total for all three of them! With the fourth one that we were given by a friend, we had enough for all of the kids. 

I should stop there simply because if I don't, I'll be posting photos all night. You can see more on my Instagram and in past posts if you really want to see more examples. 

Meanwhile, you really need to find yourself a block of time to visit this sale. Here are the details:

Just Between Friends Lee's Summit Fall Sale Details
John Knox Pavilion in Lee's Summit
520 NW Murray Rd, Lees Summit, MO 64081

Thursday, August 27th
 Primetime starts at 10am with a $10 Admission
Presales start at Noon for registered shoppers

Friday, August 28th
Open 10am-7pm
$2 admission

Saturday, August 29th
Open 10am-5pm
Free Admission

Sunday, August 30th
Open 10am-5pm
Free Admission PLUS the 50% off sale!!
TIP: A fall-themed booth will be set up with a professional photographer on hand to take FREE photos of your kids in their Halloween costumes or regular clothes. You will be given the info to download your child's photo for free!

So here are my expert consignment sale shopper tips (because I have shopped this sale MANY times!)
  1. If you are a First Time Parent, First Time Grandparent, Teacher, Foster Parent, Military Spouse, or a Mom of Multiples, click HERE to register for a FREE early pass into the sale to beat the crowds!
  2. If you don't fall into one of the presale groups OR you really want to have first pick of everything, pay the $10 and do the Prime Time Shopping. Even though I'm a Mom of Multiples, I still prefer the Prime Time Shopping because it gets me in even earlier. Totally worth the $10 because I more than make up for it in what I find by beating the crowds. Plus, the Prime Time Shopping fee benefits the JBF charities that they partner with!
  3. Bring the list of things you need, your kids' feet, and wear your tennis shoes. They will have a giant shopping bag, and a holding area for any finds you need saved for you while you shop!
  4. Follow @JBFAmber on Periscope for some behind the scenes peeks at the sale, and make sure you follow me @OilyRuckus on Periscope as well! I'm going to Periscope from a special presale event on August 27th before Prime Time opens and show you some of the fun stuff that you can grab this season! It will help you know where to run to first to grab items you are looking for!
  5. You can also subscribe to the JBF Lee's Summit Email Newsletter for extra info on shopping, selling, volunteering at the sale, and to track any sales that you make as a consignor.
  6. And lastly, stop by the JBF FaceBook page on August 25th at 9pm for a fun FaceBook party! They have been know to giveaway some JBF bucks and front of the line passes during their parties!

Hope to see y'all there! Just think, Christmas shopping can be finished by the end of the weekend and you'll still have money in your bank account! Whoohoo!!

This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends Lee's Summit because they know that I'm a consignment sale addict and love their sale so much! Even though this is a sponsored post, all words, opinions, and photos are mine. For more info, please see my disclaimer page.


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