Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Weekend Without Daddy

Last weekend, I flew solo with the kids. At least once a year (twice if we can swing it!) Sean head's off to Men's Advance with Young Living. It's such a good way for him to take a break from us....because yes. You do need breaks from the people you love most. He always comes back rested and on fire to invest in us even more. And on the flip side, it's a good way to make sure that I'm staying appreciative of everything he does to help keep the house running smoothly. It's easy to forget that the trash magically gets emptied and the laundry always seems to be clean. It's definitely quite a bit of work to keep up with these guys, a household, and work when I'm the only parent on duty. If you are a single parent and you are reading this...I'm super impressed with what you handle day-in and day-out!

I love my kids to pieces, but let's just say that I was very glad to see Sean walk back through the door at the end of it. :)

While I think the kids would agree that a weekend with Daddy is way more fun than a weekend without Daddy, We still managed to have a *little* fun!

One of the new activities that our kids discovered last weekend was making "pizza" out of cut up paper and glue sticks. Sadly however, no glue exists now after their two day art fest. It seems we go through a LOT of glue when creativity is reigning supreme. And then, of course, some of the caps didn't find their glue stick friends again once they became separated. Now I know why their Kindergarten teachers asked for extra glue sticks!

Anyhow, they spent two days snipping paper, gluing paper together, and when the glue ran out, they just kept on snipping, and snipping, and snipping. I probably should have just taken a picture of the floor after all of that, but hey! They were happy! And no specialty haircuts were performed. Ellie now has ziplock bags full of snipped paper divided by color. She's a little Type A. 
Abby, Elijah, Ellie, and Caleb

This!! Caleb has very eclectic taste at times! Check out his Thor hammer, my old purse, an owl backpack, Captain America headphones, and Spiderman slippers all compiled into an outfit designed to take on the world! He was happy as a lark as he charged around the house with all of his supplies in tow!

Then there is this boy....Elijah totally melted my heart when he said just a couple of hours before Daddy came home, "I think I found the perfect's YOU!" After four days of trying to keep up, that just about made me cry! I'm a words of affirmation girl anyway, so hearing that from my 5-year-old made my entire weekend.

Then he drew this picture of him and his Daddy. He is becoming quite the artist! There are pictures ev.ery.where. in our house these days.


I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning the house. I was determined to finish unpacking our bedroom since, you know, we've lived here for 3 months now. Hahaha! I did manage to get that done, unpack the last box in the bathroom, and get most of the house picked up. After that, I had four kids who desperately needed some entertainment, so I took them to the little Main Street in our town, and we hit up the local cookie place.

The cookies were GIANT, so we shared, but I think it was the highlight of their weekend. It was one of the very first things Daddy had to hear about when he walked in the door.
Elijah, Abby, Caleb, and Ellie

What I didn't know when we drove to Main Street was that there was actually a car show going on. So in one fell swoop, I managed to treat the kids to cookies and take them to their first car show. Truthfully....they weren't all that impressed. Check out Ellie's face below. HA! They were far more interested in cookies.

Abby, Elijah, Caleb, and Ellie

Elijah, Caleb, Ellie, and Abby

The other weekend adventure that I WISH I had a photo of was when we stopped by a friends' house to pick up a pie plate from them since they are moving. They just sold their house, and are moving into a 5th wheel to head out and see the world. They invited the kids in to see it while we were there. They were TOTALLY impressed with "the house in a truck" and declared that they want to move into one too. Abby especially was completely taken with it!  told them that we could move into one too, but we'd have to give away all of their toys and take none of them with us since there was no room in the house in a truck, and we wouldn't have a regular house anymore. They quickly reconsidered. haha!

So a bunch of random photos and stories from this weekend! I love that we can get out and DO things now with them! After spending the first two years of their lives on lockdown, we don't take outings for granted. I'll add, though, that they are a lot more fun when Daddy comes with it. We are happy he had a chance to go to his conference, but we are VERY happy he is home!


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