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In Case of Zombies: Essential Oils You Need for Survival's October. So I guess it's probably time to address something that we all think about this time of year: 


If you've seen the last season of Walking Dead, do NOT tell me what happens!! The first thing we did when we found out that quadruplets were on the way was cancel our cable. Because of that, I'm always a full season behind while I wait for it to hit Netflix. I like to think this is the self-imposed version of practicing my patience skills.

BUT, seeing as how it's October and zombies always come to the forefront this time of year, I think it's about time we talk about some major zombie preparedness. could happen, right? *wink, wink*

Here are the TOP essential oils (and some extra products) that you need to have on hand in case of a zombie outbreak. Not listed below is having a dedicated suitcase to throw all of this in if you need to make a quick escape and head for the hills. So make sure you have one available. Seriously. When push comes to shove, you don't want to have to choose between taking your canned beans or essential oils with you.

Yep, I've really thought this through. My husband may think I'm a *little* crazy, but he is going to be one grateful dude when his wife pulls through with the good stuff in the moment of need.

Pssst...stick around to the end of the post because I'm throwing one lucky giveaway winner some good stuff for their own moment of need! Make sure you enter for a chance to win!


1) The number one issue you might have while trying to get out the door is a little one making too much noise and alerting the zombies to your escape path. With four 5-year-olds at our house, this could potentially be kind of a big deal. Nobody wants to use benedryl to drug their kids to sleep while escaping zombies...instead try one of these calming oils. They work WONDERS on our Caleb when he is having a meltdown. Within two minutes, he is calm, quiet, and in the zone.
Zombie Tip: Apply calming oils to kids about 5 minutes before cracking open the front door and making a run for it. You might as well put some on the back of your neck too!

2) I don't know about you, but I've watched enough Walking Dead to know that sometimes, survivors have to keep moving, even when they are tired. I they have a choice? Not so much! Keep moving or get caught! Make sure you pack some energy oils and plenty of Ningxia Red and Nitro. What I love about Ningxia Red is that it gives a gentle sustained energy while supporting every system in the body. The Nitro is like an all natural energy shot without the crash afterwards. Grab both of those, and the energy oils, and you can keep going for longer than a zombie can chase you!
Zombie Tip: Drink 1 oz of Ningxia Red a day so that you are in peak performance condition when the zombie outbreak happens. Keep Nitro on hand for in the moment energy slumps. En-R-Gee is a little known blend that packs an energy punch. Combine that with Peppermint behind the knees for a zombie-proof energy plan!

3) If doesn't matter how many calming oils you use on your family members, if someone clears their throat, or accidentally coughs, the gig is up. There is absolutely zero room for people to be dealing with anything along those lines. Because of that, oils like RC, Raven, Peppermint, and Dorado Azul rank at the top of the must have list. Even better, grab Breathe Again. It's comes pre-diluted so that you don't have to fumble around for your coconut oil while trying to oil up.
Zombie Tip: If anyone clears their throat or accidentally coughs at any time, immediately get an oil on their chest, the bottom of their feet, and the upper portion of their spine. Then give them the stare down while handing them a bottle of water, and tell them to keep oiling and keep quiet.

4) It's a sad truth that eventually, the car will run out of gas during the escape process. While it's ideal to still find a working gas station....we just can't count on that. Preparation for extensive walking is key, because camping out in a non-running car is just a bad idea. The zombies can trap you in there. Forever. So in addition to some good hiking boots for the whole family, it's important to stock up on oils and supplements that are going to keep you on your feet, no matter what the terrain is. Our top picks are Agilease, Cool Azul Pain Cream, and Deep Relief. Pamper those feet, or the zombies will pamper them for you. And nobody wants that.
Zombie Tip: Prep in advance for the escape route by starting Agilease now. Healthy bones, ligaments, and muscles will get you further than anything else. Then apply Cool Azul Pain Cream or one of the other listed oils at every stopping point, and at night after a long day of walking. 

5) Nobody is going to fault you for being a little stressed out. Even with all the prep in the world, it's a little bit anxiety inducing to suddenly find yourself on the run from the zombies. However, since we know that stress and occasional anxiety might play into it, we have time to prepare by grabbing some of the best oils for those types of emotions. Stress Away is a must for stress (ha!) and Valor is my personal go-to for moments of occasional anxiety.
Zombie Tip: These oils go in the back pocket. There just isn't any point in putting them away in a situation like this.

6) Food is always worth taking into consideration. While you might be able to grab enough canned food out of your pantry to sustain your family for the first week or two, eventually the food will run out. That means scrounging as you go is your only option. The problem? Who knows what you will find! Make everything far more palatable by packing along a few Vitality oils. These oils add so much flavor with only a drop added to an entire meal, plus, they won't go bad, so you can happily use them throughout your escape.
Zombie Tip: Grab at least 2 oils out of the following Vitality categories: Citrus, Herb, Spice, and Supplement. Congrats! You are now ready to flavor anything on the run without fear of your flavorings turning rotten on zombies.

7) This is key. If y'all don't take anything else away from this post, this is the important least in my mind. Immune support! You will be traveling through unknown areas with unknown germs. Unknown germs are a big deal, especially when you just know that the hospitals will already be overrun by zombies given the nature of what they do. That means that you have to play a good offense game....or risk turning into a zombie yourself. Stock up on Thieves and my favorite supplements Inner Defense and Longevity at a minimum. I'm telling y'all, if there is one place you don't want to cut corners during a zombie outbreak, it's in the immune system category!
Zombie Tip: Use your immune oils and supplements *daily* starting now. You don't want to turn into a zombie after all of the work you are putting into escape!

8) Because I'm all about fully educating everyone I can about the most effective essential oils to use for things, I'd also like to offer three oils you should *NOT* use around zombies:
  • Awaken: You don’t want to be waking ANYTHING up. The point is to sneak past the zombies. Not join them. So….maybe just keep this oil handy if you need a pick-me-up while putting together your zombie preparedness kit. It’s probably not good a good one to use in an actual zombie situation.
  • Gathering: Nobody likes a zombie party. Nobody. Gathering brings everyone together in harmony….and the only way that will be a harmonious meeting will be if you join the zombies. Awesome oil for the upcoming holidays though! If we make it that far…
  • Surrender: I don’t think I really have to explain this one. While it’s a very effective emotional oil for coming to terms with one’s situation, I recommend NOT surrendering to the zombies. 
Zombie Tip: Don’t experiment in a zombie situation to see what these oils will do. Just trust me when I say they do exactly what the names imply. Yep, they actually *do* work! Use them at any other point in life…just not around zombies.

Remember: A good offense is always the best defense. And when it comes to zombies, they don’t play fair (Trust me. I know. I’ve watched The Walking Dead.) Preparation is KEY to surviving. And not just surviving, but thriving!!

If you are new to the whole concept of essential oils and natural zombie defenses, this post may have been a little overwhelming for you. Don’t walk away though! We have a good way to ease you into zombie-prepardness. The number one place that I suggest newbies start is always with a Premium Starter Kit. There are NO buying or selling requirements. It’s just a highly discounted way to grab 11 great oils, a diffuser, and a wholesale membership (so that you can grab anything else that catches your eye) to get you started quickly. The 11 oils in the kit will help you with almost every situation I touched on in this post plus hundreds of other things. It’s that versatile! 

It's important to note that I use Young Living Essential Oils with my family. Not all oil brands are created equally and many can cause problems to worsen if they are not true, 100% essential oils. I'd hate to see what would happen during a zombie outbreak with non-effective oils! Even if the label says "100% pure" they are only required to have 5% essential oils in them per regulations. Please visit this link for more info on why we chose Young Living and how we believe it is the best, most effective, and most affordable essential oil option out there. 

In the meantime, we are giving away a 15 ml bottle of En-R-Gee! We want to make sure that you have PLENTY of energy to make it through the zombie outbreak! Enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. Such a fun event...great job Rebecca! Valor is on my wish list!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Oregano is on the top of my "must have" list!

  3. love essential oils! Excited to try different ones

  4. At the top of my list is Valor.
    Can't live without it!
    thank you

  5. Stress away is at the top of my list!

  6. I just read your blogs on essential oils. Thank you very much for your time and research. It is appreciated.


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