Tuesday, February 7, 2017

6th Birthday Interview: Caleb Sean

It's that time of year again! Time for Birthday Interviews!! Our kids think answering birthday questions is the best game ever, so it wasn't hard to get them to sit still for a few minutes while I wrote down their answers. 

The answers change every year (which makes sense!) but the process of asking them questions always reminds me of how far we have come. Just two years ago, I had to make up all of Caleb's answers for him because he was still non-verbal. This year, he was the first to jump on the couch for his turn. He even went so far as to take off the headphones he wears to reduce sensory input for his annual snapshot. I'm so proud of where he is and how far he has come!

 Caleb Sean
Caleb has an ornery little streak, and we often times catch him impishly looking for ways to push his siblings buttons. He is a super funny kid, and incredibly smart! In spite of his autism, he picks up on things fast, and reads very well for being in kindergarten. We struggle to complete written work, but his special needs teacher has put a really good incentive program in place to encourage him to focus and get his work done. We are grateful for both his special needs teacher and his main classroom teacher and how hard they work to help him be successful! Caleb has made huge progress even in the last year! We can't wait to see what age 6 brings!

How old are you? "Five!" (for two more weeks!)
What makes you happy? "When I play toys and costumes or Ipads." (He can earn Ipad time at school for meeting focusing goals each day.)
What is your favorite animal? "All of them! I love all of them!"
What is your favorite color? "Red and brown and all the colors!" Really? Red? "Red!!" (I really expected him to say blue!)
What is your favorite thing to eat? "Cake, ice cream, and cookies!" 
What is your least favorite thing to eat? "Yucky stuff like sweet potatoes." (Guess what we had for dinner tonight? Lol!)
What is your favorite thing to do? "Play toys, costumes, and Ipads!"
What is your favorite TV show? "Star Wars, Avengers, Justice League, and Young Justice."
What is your favorite movie? "I don't like any movies." (He actually doesn't know the difference between TV and movies because we don't have cable. Just Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a DVD player)
What are you really good at? "Flips! But how do I do a flip on the floor?" (haha!! No idea why he went with that answer!)
What is your favorite song? "When I sing Star Wars!" (The theme song. Lol!)
What do you and your mom do together? "Play"
What do you and your dad do together? "Play" 
What is your favorite book? "Star Wars Droid books."
What do you want to be when you grow up? "A tea party guy! A tea party guy is when they make lots of tea parties for everyone!" (He loves to set up all of the play cooking equipment and have us over for tea and snacks)
What is your favorite toy? "Tea Parties!" (a.k.a. the cooking toys and play kitchen)


  1. Hello Mom,

    Super great post. I am a third cousin to Caleb and have been following your posts since pre-birth of the Quads. Please keep up the time consuming posts. My mother (Mary Marguerite Taylor Want) was a sister to your Grandfather, John Paul Taylor, who is the sixth and final born member (only living member of that generation) of the Robert Taylor & Dona Marguerite Romero Taylor Family. My mother was the fourth born in the family. The mother of our children is Madge Goode (Want) Blanz, Mother of Kimberly, Troy, Jennifer and Jason.

    You are doing an absolute super job with raising your wonderful family of four. Please keep up the past trend.

    Later & Best regards,

    Second Cousin Jimmie (George) J. Want, Jr.


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