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Halloween 2016 - Star Wars Characters

Right after Halloween ended last year, my kids immediately all wanted to pick out Halloween costumes for this year. It was discussed many, MANY times for weeks after Halloween ended, with costume choices changing all the time. We finally said, "Nobody gets to pick a Halloween costume until school starts in August!" Of course, then the conversation immediately shifted to Christmas, but hey! At least it got us a few months reprieve from the costume discussions.

So when August rolled around this year, and the kids started school, I knew it was time to deliver on my promise of discussing costumes. One night at dinner, I brought it up, and fully expected everyone to want to do their own thing this year. I wasn't going to push a theme. I wasn't going to force a kid into a costume they didn't want to wear. I had spent all year preparing for the moment when all four kids would want to be something different, and I was going to be okay with that....even though I think themed costumes are incredibly fun! Instead, they completely surprised me by all deciding to do Star Wars characters together! Sean had to help a little bit with possible girl costumes, but the kids were ALL OVER IT and totally excited!!

And that meant that this Mama got a bonus year on the themed costumes that she had given up on! WHOOHOO!!


Abby wanted to be Rey. Although she hasn't seen the new Star Wars movie, it doesn't matter. Abby found out that there was a strong, brave girl in the movie and wanted to dress up as her. I love that! Abby can be very timid and unsure of herself, so we are always telling her that she *is* strong and brave and can do big things. She was so proud to be Rey for Halloween!


Ellie is our only kid who has actually had the patience to sit through an entire Star Wars movie. Of course, we started with the originals, so she has seen Episode 4: A New Hope. We've done some Clone Wars, and clips from the newest movie, The Force Awakens on YouTube, but Ellie was our champ who made it through an original one. When Halloween costumes were thrown out as the topic of conversation in August, she immediately called the Princess Leia costume.

Funny story: We took the kids up to Sean's work to visit for their Boo Fest the week before Halloween, and everyone said to her, "Hi, Princess Leia!" Ellie would respond every time, "I'm not really Princess Leia. It's me!! Ellie!!!" and then burst into giggles because they couldn't tell who she really was. She was 100% convinced that everyone thought she was the real Princess Leia so she had to let them know. Haha! I guess you could say that she owned that role!

Abby and Ellie

Elijah and Caleb


The Star Wars character idea actually belongs to Caleb. He was fully committed to being Poe Dameron for Halloween because he just loves that character. Of course, he's never seen the movie other than some clips from YouTube, but that doesn't stop him! Unfortunately, they don't make Poe Dameron costumes, so I quietly had to sub a generic X-Wing Fighter costume for what he wanted. We somehow managed to keep the package that declared it to be a generic costume from being seen by him which is a really good thing. Since Caleb can read, and he was fixated on that very particular costume, it was kind of a big deal to get it right so as to avoid any extended periods of frustration. (Autism can be so fun!) But it ended up being just right, and he felt very official wearing his Poe Dameron outfit around. 

As a total side note, this costume had a ridiculous amount of pieces and loops to tie together. It came with a set of instructions on how to put it on, and we had to follow it all 3 times he wore it to get it right (Boo Fest at Sean's work, Fall Fest at school, and Trick or Treating). 


Elijah really, really wanted to be a Gamorean Guard. I don't even know how to spell that. Some weird guard guy from Star Wars. Guess what? They don't make those costumes. At all. We told him to pick again, and he chose Yoda. Easy, right? Yeah, any affordable Yoda costumes that I found were for babies or....dogs. The expensive ones were for adults. And I'm far past my days of trying to create a costume from scratch. Thankfully, the 3rd time was the charm, and when he chose Chewbacca, I was able to find him a pretty cool looking costume without too much trouble. He ended up loving it and quickly forgetting about his first two choices. 


I have to include this photo because....HAHAHA!!! We took the kids outside to grab some photos, and did group and individual poses. When we got to Elijah's turn, we gave the vague directions to "do something." He ended up squatting/sitting against the side of the house while making Spiderman hands. We've since dubbed this photo, "The Pooping Chewbacca". LOL!

And finally, a couple of photos of the kids with their grandparents (and a couple of uncles) to round out the post. :)  Scroll to the bottom of this post if you'd like to see our themed costumes from previous years!

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