Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lots of Photos!

Lots of photos from the last couple weeks!!

Pictures of our newly painted bathroom!! Thanks Josie, Jackie, and Katie! I absolutely LOVE it!!


 My sister-in-law, Sarah, used her amazing organizational skills to completely pack up all of the hobby stuff that I used to have in the babies room and organize the babies' clothes into age appropriate tubs. I knew she was fabulous at stuff like this because she runs a coupon site ( which takes a ton of organization, but she blew me away by how quickly she got the babies' room empty and ready to be set up with baby gear. Thank you so much, Sarah!


Sean was very excited to start working on the set-up of the first of four cribs. :)


Our pastor, Tom, and his son, Thomas, came over to assist with the massive crib assembly project we had ahead of us. We really appreciated their help!


Proud parents of quadruplets and happy owners of four brand-new, convertible, safe cribs!!


It's a full room now!!


And my 13 week photo. Our next doctors' visit is on Tuesday. We are praying for a good report on all of our babies.

--posted by Becca


  1. It looks amazing in there! I can't believe they all fit!

  2. Wow, Rebecca and's looks awesome! And, YOU look so cute Rebecca! Ugh, I bet you are feeling more and more relieved and stress free as things get done and accomplished before the bed rest time! Praise God for such amazing people in the body to help carry the load. much love to you...Connie

  3. The cribs looks great! I'm glad you got what you needed for the babies to sleep in. I agree with Connie about you looking cute.

  4. Very exciting changes! Kudos to all the wonderful saints helping you along the way!

  5. Wow, the room full of cribs is just AMAZING!!!

  6. This is WONDERFUL!!! Just WONDERFUL!!!

  7. Haha I love sean in these pictures.

  8. You look great and... I realized you needed 4 of everything... but I wil be honest I kind of forgot about the cribs!!! whew! glad they all fit! Thanks for the updates!

  9. Hi Rebecca--

    I'm a friend of Elizabeth Dahl's, and she directed me to your blog. :) I have twins, and we are loving it! I have read that multiples actually sleep better together than apart. They've been all snuggled together in the womb, after all.

    My twins have slept together from the get-go. One will be screaming, and the other will be sleeping soundly right beside her. :D

    A friend of mine, who had first twins THEN triplets, said she put the babies together (twins together and triplets together, not ALL together) until the crawling stage and/or when they start to disrupt each other too much by moving around a lot.

    Just a thought for you. :) The idea of four cribs is amazing!

    Blessings to you!


  10. It looks amazing, your kids may love it!

    cribs for twins


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