Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Visit with Another "Quad Family"

First of all, THANK YOU for signing up for our Baby Prayer Teams! If you look at the top of the website, we have a new page with our prayer friends listed according to the team they signed up for. We had hoped for maybe 3 or 4 people for each team and were blown away by the response we got. We just want you to know how grateful we are to have you covering our babies in prayer! And if you didn’t get on a team, just let us know if you want to join one. The more the merrier!

Last week we were able to go visit with a family here in the metro area that has 20-month-old quadruplets! On Friday, we drove up to their house for lunch and a crash course on what to expect in the coming weeks. Randy and Stephanie were extremely welcoming and let us watch how they did lunch with so many little ones to take care of. It was so nice for us to see a couple that had figured out how to do “the quad thing” and still be sane at the same time!!

Stephanie told us that we are heading into the bed rest/difficult phase over the next 3 weeks or so and to get ready for it. She went on bed rest at 18 weeks and I’m currently at 16 weeks, so our clock is definitely winding down. Both Randy and Stephanie talked us through their experience in the weeks leading up to their little ones being born and how they handled it. Stephanie also gave me some feeding/pooping and weighing charts that she used to keep track of her kids when they came home from the hospital. She was super organized and full of really helpful tips. They also pulled out their photo album of when their kids were in the NICU so that we could see pictures of what our kids might look like and what tubes they most likely will be hooked up to when they arrive. It didn’t scare us like we thought it might. It was actually extremely helpful to get a preview of what to expect. The best part was looking at the pictures, knowing how early their children showed up, and then seeing four little 1 ½ year olds running around like any full term children might. Very encouraging!!

This week we took our cat, Swiper the Fox, to his new home. We were thrilled that our good friends offered to take our cat in. We were days from having to put him down because we couldn’t find any shelters to take him. Sean got Swiper from a shelter for me the first year we were married, and he had become a part of our family so it really broke our heart to even have to consider it. We didn’t want to risk our babies, but didn’t want to lose our “baby” either. We already miss him a lot, but know that this is the best living arrangement for both us and him. And we know he is in a great home as well! That’s even better than having to put him back in a shelter to be adopted out again!

Next week is an exciting week for us! We’re hoping to find out the genders of a baby or two!  We will let y’all know what we find out!

16 Week Baby Bump
(I really went all out and dressed up for this one :) )

--posted by Rebecca


  1. how encouraging for the both of you to visit with S/R ..... and as organized as you are Rebecca, I'm sure that it pleased your soul to see it in "action" ... looking forward to the church gathering on Saturday....!! Will be praying that you are feeling GREAT for the day!! much love B TEAM member KY :-)

  2. I pray for little baby A every time I wake up in the middle of the night. As you know, that is every hour and often times less as my third trimester progresses! LOL. I pray for ALL the babies AND Mommy & Daddy in the daytime. I figure that way I make sure everybody gets a good prayer several times a day! I wonder if God laughs at my prayer schedule! I know you have some tough days coming, but I know God will continue to give you strength physically, emotionally and spiritually. I remember you have a special day on Saturday and I pray it brings memories that will last you a lifetime times four!!! All our love... Dr. Amy & Baby Emilia


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