Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Cute is Our Nursery??

While I was on bed rest in the hospital, Sean’s extended family came in to fix up the nursery and surprise me! Sean let slip one day that his uncle and brother-in-law were at our house, so I asked the obvious question, “Why are they there?” Sean made up some story about them knocking down the wall between our bedroom and the babies’ room so that they would make one big connecting room. As much as I love my kids, I do still want a little bit of personal space. I thought he was joking but since he kept talking about it over the entire time that I was in the hospital, I started to wonder. Instead, this is what I came home to:

Uncle Brandon and Brother-in-Law Todd painted the walls: each one in one of the babies’ colors.
Cousin Michelle did the decals on the walls.
Sean’s mom put together all of the bedding.

How cute is this?? :-)

Caleb: Current weight is 2 lbs, 6 oz. He tried being on the CPAP for a while but didn’t quite make it a full 24 hours. This morning at 3am, he decided it wasn’t for him and his breathing slowed to the point where they had to use a mask and bag to breath for him until they could reintubate him with the vent. The doctors increased his caffeine which stimulates his little body and helps him progress (all of the babies are on different doses of caffeine). Hopefully we can try the CPAP again in a few days.

Abby: Current weight is 2lbs, 7 oz. I’m not sure when she will try the CPAP since her vent settings are still at 60 breaths a minute. She has to drop her necessary rate down to around 25 to get to try the CPAP. She isn’t making a ton of progress breathing-wise, but is stable, so we are content with that for now.

Eli: Current weight is 2lbs. 4 ½ oz. He went on the CPAP at 8pm on Tuesday night. His main issue is that he keeps forgetting to breath. When they are on the vent, it breathes for them. When they are on the CPAP, it assists their breathing, but they have to actually take the breaths on their own first. When Eli forgets to breath, the alarms start and the nurses run in there to make sure he starts again after a few seconds. If he doesn’t, they gently touch him in order to encourage him to start breathing again. Thankfully, his forgetful episodes decreased today. The doctor said if he continues to tolerate the CPAP, we might get to try a nasal cannula during Kangaroo Care in 4 or 5 days! Nasal cannulas just provide some extra oxygen instead of assisting breaths, so that would be an exciting development!

Ellie: Current weight is 2lbs. 2oz. Tomorrow is her next heart echo to look for her PDA. Hopefully it has closed some, but if not, we will be discussing heart surgery to close it next week. Other than that, she is doing great with keeping her heart rate up and digesting her food well. The nurse was excited to tell me that she didn’t need a glycerin suppository today and actually pooped on her own! It’s the little victories in life!

I’m doing a lot better than I was earlier this week. The doctors insisted that I get more rest (you know your nervous breakdown in the NICU is bad when your babies' doctors start taking care of you). At their suggestion, Sean put his foot down that I have at least 4 consecutive hours of sleep in the middle of the night without getting up to pump. A little sleep definitely makes me more optimistic! Another thing that greatly helped was being part of a really awesome group of quad moms who all get exactly what I’m going through with four kids in the NICU all at once. Quite a few of them read our blog and took time away from their own quadruplets to reach out to me. Between the sleep and the other quad moms who have shared their experiences with me, I’m seeing that there will be an end to this. I know there are still more hard days ahead of us, so the goal is just to remember what other people have said…and keep sleeping. :-)

--Posted by Becca


  1. the nursery is wonderful that all is ready... and I must say that PURPLE is my very fav... xxoo Abby :-) ... and thanks again so much for the update ... so glad that the docs told you to get some rest.. ... ready to help whenever the word is GO ... :-) and I know others are too... love you each and every one!!

  2. Wow, that nursery is so amazing. What amazing family you have. Glad you are getting some rest. You are going to need it.

  3. You nursery is WAY cute! We are still praying for you guys! I sooo look forward to your updates! Sean, good job with the sleep requirement! Beck, I wish could hug you right now, instead I'll rely on the Holy Spirit. :D lots of love and PRAYERS!

  4. You're doing great and everything you wrote and are experiencing is completely normal. I forgot about, but now remember the caffeine for our babies in the beginning as well. Those alarms will go off until right before you go home. Once ours were on room air and had all of their tubes out....they still have episodes and their alarms go off. We were taught though (later on of course) not to rely on those because we wouldn't have them at home (our case though....some do go home if need with monitors) We were scheduled to take Kylie home first but she earned 5 more days after some desats on the 5th day. So Sophie ended up coming home first (they actually came home in birth oder - Sophie, Kylie, Ellie & Eli)
    Hang in there- they need to rest and feed and grow!
    Eli also did not pass his car seat test but there weren't any other reasons keeping him there so he had to use a carseat "bed" for a few months- it was a pain, but if it's what got him out of there....we were fine with it. He has CP (mild) which for him is mostly developmental delays and has come a long way. He has torticollis, and had to have cranial surgery at 10 months for his suture that closed too soon. He also had to have a hypospadias repair and had his circumcision then too! (I might have shared that already)- They are nothing but the best blessings ever- We are all praying for you and continue to be here for you all....anytime!

  5. I love the nursery and hopefully you will have the 4 of them home as soon as possible! Hang in there and know that we are still praying for all of you!


  6. The nursery looks awesome, good job for everyone that helped on that. Sounds like all the babies are doing well and we are pulling for to gradually grow and progress though the stages so they can come home soon. Also make sure to get plenty of rest, I had to tell Steph the same thing. She wanted to pump so bad that it just wore her out and with the infection she just needed to stop and sleep so she could get better.

    We remember the days ours were in the NICU and they'd forget to breathe, sometimes we'd just go touch them before the nurse got there and they'd remember. When you are in there do you sing to the babies? Stephanie would do that and they liked it, it even calmed some of the other babies down and almost put some of the nurses to sleep. lol

  7. What a darling nursery! You can see a lot of love went into that room! Rebecca, I'm glad you are getting more sleep. That is so important because you won't be getting much when you get home!! Keep up your strength so you can give some of yours to your babies.
    We are all praying for these precious babies and for both of you. We, too, are anxious to have you all home as a family. We are here to help in any way. Please let us know how and when.
    When they get home, we'll come over for a coffee break with the babies! Do they get their caffeine in coffee or Tom's Mt. Dew???
    Missing all of you at church.

  8. And just keep remembering that all six of you are being carried in so many hearts and prayers right now. Maybe that comfort will let you sleep a little easier and longer!

  9. The nursery is so cute- to match those cute little kids of yours! I'm so proud of them all for growing and eating so well. You MUST be good parents!!! (But we knew you would be!) Much love and lots of prayers heading your way. We love you! :-)

  10. The nursery is very cute. Amira and I coshared a room when she was born I actually liked it because I wanted to make sure she was breathing. Now her room is right next to mine and she drives me crazy. Glad to hear the babies are making small milestones. Remember that everyone is supporting you all. Also remember God only gives you what you can handle. Oh everyone is right you must sleep as much as possible. You have to keep your strength up. You are no good to the babies if you are exhausted and sick. Love the blogs keep up the good work.

  11. The nursery is sooooo precious! The art work, colors and bedding are wonderful. Much love went into putting it all together. The babies will have a wonderful, colorful, nursery to grow up in! You have a super loving family who put it all together. Praying for you and Sean and also the babies as they continue to make progress.

  12. Beautiful nursery! how nice to be able to bring those babies home to it! :-) Glad you are getting some rest and that everyone is stable right now! Hang in there! We're all still thinking of you all and praying for you!

  13. What a wonderful family you have! The nursery is so very cute and unique.
    Your comment about Ellie pooping made me giggle. Those little victories will continue as your kiddos grow, and you've entered the stage where you will care about poop for a few years! :)
    I'm glad you're getting some rest. Hang in there. You are doing such an amazing job. And again, thanks for sharing!

  14. Love your news - what a lovely bedroom! Such love that went into! Keep resting while u CAN! U have three- to maybe 5 years or so to figure out their next sleeping arrangements! ;) Is the time almost flying yet? It will.

  15. Oh yes, sleep helps SO MUCH. Good idea to stop pumping in the night ... I remember how exhausting that was (and I didn't even have that much to show for it!). Glad to hear the good reports on everyone ... and I LOVE the nursery! Keep hanging in there!

    Keep up with me, Ted, and our Fab Four at

  16. I am sooooooo in love with the nursery!!! What an awesome surprise! Good job Sean and family! I bet that made Momma-bear feel wonderful to come home to such a beautiful room! I haven't been able to post lately, but want you to know I read every update and am praying for you often times on an hourly basis! Every time Emilia and I nurse we say prayers to God for your precious infants and for both of you to have strength in what I literally cannot even imagine, but God knows your needs, so that is what we pray for... that God continue to meet your needs. We love you all!!!

  17. Rebecca I think that you and Sean are very awesome and will be amazing parents and I am so excited for your kiddos! Love you and Im praying!
    -Emily Berger

  18. Beautiful nursery! Sleep really does make a huge difference and good for Sean for making you get at least 4 consecutive hours lol. I love to hear the updates on your little miracles, and even though I don't know you and you don't know me I still keep your family in my prayers.

  19. The nursery looks great. Keep in touch with me, if you would. You are great people and I look forward to getting to know you both, and your family.


  20. I love the nursery. Looks like a wonderful place to spend time.


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