Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great News for Abigail

The doctor called this morning and Abigail is now on Nasal Canula 24 hours! Woot Woot.

Elijah is now doing 9 hours at a time
Caleb and Elizabeth are doing six hours.

Let's celebrate victories where we can get them!

Elizabeth did not put on any weight yesterday.

Thanks for the prayers. We had our Managing Multiples class last night. More on that later.

Posted by Sean


  1. go abby go abby.... and hooray for the breathing improvements for ALL!!! still praying for sweet Ellie to fatten up!! xxoo

  2. Thank you Jesus!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!
    Now for more breast milk please!

  3. Oh HAPPY DAY!
    Victory ! And more to come!


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