Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday, we made it out to church again! This time we went to Blue Ridge Bible Church. The majority of the kind people who helped us when the babies came home go to this church, so it was wonderful to get to see them!

I remembered my camera this time, but since the babies knew the people in the nursery, I actually got to attend the service with Sean! It was so exciting to get to do that after so long! But that meant that I wasn't back there to take pictures of them. Once we got back to the nursery to pick the kids up, they were way past their nap time...and there were doughnuts in the fellowship hall (doughnuts and oreo cookies are on the same level for me) I prioritized, and no pictures were taken. :( Which means, we will just have to go back!

We also managed to make it on the day that my niece, Alyvia, was dedicated (along with the babies of two other friends!) My brother, Mike, wrote the most beautiful poem to read at her dedication that totally turned me into a blubbering mess. I want all of the same things for our kids, so with his permission, I thought I'd put it here for you to enjoy as well!

Alyvia's Blessing
written by Michael Stolberg

Beautiful, tiny, precious Alyvia,
we can’t believe you are almost one,
We’ve already received a lifetime of blessings,
but everyone keeps saying that now comes the fun.
Ages two and three seem a little bit terrifying,
but through the terrible toddler days you’ll continue to grow,
We pray that we give Godly guidance graciously
as we train you up in the way you should go.
Years Four, Five and Six are truly important
as you learn to make more and more decisions on your own,
And we hope
                 and pray
                        for that incredible day
when you make your decision for your eternal home.
Next comes ages Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten,
we can’t wait to watch your uniqueness really start to shine.
We commit now to help you develop your talents for the Lord,
as you continue to branch out from the strength of His vine.
Those next two years, eleven and twelve,
are crucial as they always seem to land right in between,
All the fun that is growing up
and that crazy moment when you become a teen.
We will pray without ceasing as you fall and fly
                   and laugh and cry
                            and make and even lose
                                      some of your very best friends,
And as hard as it will be to watch you struggle as you grow,
                    we pray you’ll always know
                             that He is there to reach down and pick you up again.
And even on that far off day
when we let you go and you say I do.
We’ll continue to pray from a little farther away
that God will continue to shower His blessings on you.

this life is a giant adventure full of every emotion but it’s worth the race.
May God give you protection...
                     and strength...
                            and humility...
                                   and love...
                                          and peace...
                                                 and grace.

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(By the way, does anyone know how to put the button in the posts instead of putting the link? I just think it looks way cooler...because, you know, I'm so cool to begin with. Lol!)


  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Regarding the question about making the button on the posts, you would have to do some Java scripting to get it on the posts. I'm not quite sure how to do it though. But I think that's how you do it.

  2. 1.) You are cool!
    2.) That was very sweet - Alyvia's poem! Very proud of Michael! I bet he's an amazing Dad!


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