Sunday, June 10, 2012

How Many Diapers Does a Quad Family Need? *Diaper Deal!!*

Happily, the number of diapers that we go through per month has been drastically reduced since the babies first came home. These days, we go through roughly 600 daytime diapers and 140 nighttime diapers per month. That's still a lot of diapers!

This is most certainly not the blog to read for regular deal updates, but this is one deal that I absolutely must pass on!

Walgreens is having their buy-one-get-one free deal on diapers right now! It comes at a very VERY good time for our family since we just ran out of baby shower diapers in the last couple of months. Many thanks to my fellow quad mom, Jamie, for tipping me off that now is the time to stock up!

The deal is pretty simple (thank goodness!):

All Walgreen Brand Jumbo Diaper Packs are 2/$8.99. They are regularly 1/$8.99.

The problem with these types of deals is that most Walgreens only stock a few packages of diapers in each size. Before kids, I used to play the drug store game. When I found something I wanted to stock up on, I would drive around to a bunch of different stores until I found enough of what I was looking for.

These days, I don't have that kind of time. So this afternoon, I drove to my favorite Walgreens (yes, I do have a favorite Walgreens), and asked them to order 44 packages of Size 3 diapers. The manager was extremely accommodating and should have them in the store by late Friday afternoon so that I can pick them up that evening. It's worth asking at your local Walgreens if you are in need of diapers!

I ordered 44 packages of diapers which is enough to get us close to three months worth of diaper wearing. From what I understand, these deals tend to be on three month cycles with Walgreens. So stock up if you have babies, are pregnant, or are planning to go to a lot of baby showers soon! :)

We are currently subscribed to Amazon Mom which is the cheapest way that I can find to buy diapers without doing reward clubs and other things like that that require more brain cells than I have to spare at the moment. Since I'm stocking up on diapers this week, I'll be skipping my shipment from Amazon for the next few months.

These easy deals are definitely the type of shopping that I like to do these days!

Note: The Walgreens website is only showing Size 4 and up diapers at the 2/$8.99 price. However, all Walgreens Brand Jumbo packs are 2/$8.99 in stores! And this is a national deal!

Extra Note: Many of you have suggested buying diapers in bulk from Costco or Sam's Club. Huggies and Kirkland (Costco brand diapers) don't work for our kids and we don't have a membership to Sam's Club. Just about any diaper other than Huggies or Kirkland works for us though. So this is a great time for our family to stock up!


  1. Yay!! Do Walmart diapers work for you too? Their deals online (with free shipping!) end up better than most Amazon Mom deals I have found recently. I was thinking of getting a pack to try out if I ever run out of Walgreens diapers :)

    1. We have tried some of the Parent's Choice diapers and they work decently for us. I calculated those compared to Luvs down the cost per diaper about a month ago and found Amazon Mom to be cheaper. Now I'm wondering if my math was off (it very well could have been!). I think Walgreen's diapers work better, but I would be open to Parent's Choice when I run out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Just think... a year from now you could very well be thinking about starting the end of diapers! Crazy to think about isn't it?!? Beth P.

    1. We are REALLY looking forward to the day when we can say goodbye to diapers! I'm sure the guy who picks up our garbage will be grateful to see the end of it as well!

  3. 36 Diapers is considered Jumbo.. Wow we got ours at sam's club. 3 boxes of 200 would last close to a month, and they only cost like $30 at the time.


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