Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch with Grandpa and Grandmacita

In spite of all of the stressful things that happened two weeks ago, we still made some great memories with the kids!

Even in the toughest weeks, there are bright spots!

The day before our pipe burst, we went to my parents house for lunch. They brought up their little blue table and chairs from the basement and set it up in the kitchen. The kids got to eat lunch at it like big kids! No highchairs! (which mostly worked once I pinned Abby between my chair, the wall, and the table so that she couldn't run around.)

Talk about memories! I made a lot of really amazing playdough creations at that table while growing up! :)

Clockwise from front: Abby, Ellie, Caleb, and Elijah

A little exploring was in order after lunch. While they have visited their grandparents before, they weren't walking at the time. It was quite the adventure! My parents don't have child locks on their kitchen cabinets!

This was also the first day that Ellie's allergies really kicked in. Poor thing would have rather been at home in bed.

Grandmacita and Ellie

The best toy that they had was a napkin ring that Elijah stole off of the table when no one was looking. He discovered that if he held it up to his eye, he could look out the other end!

Grandpa and Caleb worked on crawling through the cardboard tunnel that Uncle Josh and Uncle Christopher made for their nieces and nephews. Caleb wasn't so sure...

So Grandmacita decided to demonstrate. This is also the best photo I took that day. Check out my dad's face. LOL!

Elijah finally decided that he was brave enough to try it. The silly kid thought the idea was to just crawl through it to the other end, and then back up until he could escape out the entrance. Maybe we should work on the definition of "through the tunnel!"

And then the girls let us know that it was time for a nap. Right. Now. Hopefully they like to stick with early curfews when they are teenagers!

Abby and Ellie


  1. What a fun day with Grandma and Grandmacita. I like the box tunnel and that they sat on big kid chairs.

    1. Cardboard boxes make the best "toys", don't they? :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Theresa!


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