Friday, November 8, 2013

The Peanuts Gang - Halloween 2013

One of the really fun parts of fall for me is picking out that year's Halloween dress up theme. I always coordinate my kids outfits to work together, and so far, I've also been able to mostly keep them homemade! So far, we've done The Four Seasons, Superheroes, and this year was The Peanuts Gang!

I wonder how much longer I will be able to pick their theme before I have requests for a princess, a gnome, a cow, and a bag of jelly beans instead of something that works all together. Guess I better make the most of it!

Caleb was our Linus van Pelt, Lucy's little brother. We went back and forth about who should be Linus and who should be Charlie Brown, but ultimately, decided that Linus made the most sense for Caleb. Not only is Caleb pretty reserved, but he also has a blue blanket that he carries around just like Linus. We knew we wouldn't have to "make" him carry a blanket. :)

Cost for Caleb's costume: $3.88 for the shirt + $2 for the pants + $5 for the Snoopy doll. I painted the shirt myself so that I wouldn't have to pay for a more expensive one.  Total = $10.88

Abby was our Sally, Charlie Brown's little sister. Her hair color is closest to Sally's blond, and...well...Ellie is way more bossy than Abby, so she was already going to be Lucy. By default that left Abby with Sally's character.

Total cost of Abby's costume:: $1.50 for the skirt (clearance) + $1.50 for the shirt (clearance) + $1.00 for the Sharpie pen to add the black dots. I already had the white shirt, white tights, and the fake flower which is leftover from the Spring costume when we did The Four Seasons. Total = $4.00

Elijah was Charlie Brown. You can't have The Peanuts Gang without a Charlie Brown!

Cost for Elijah's costume: $2.00 for the shirt + $2.00 for the pants + $1.00 for the paint which I also used on Caleb's costume. Their great-grandparents gave the kids the Charlie Brown and Woodstock dolls, so we didn't need to buy those. Total = $5.00

And last but not least, Ellie was our Lucy van Pelt. Ellie definitely has a bit of a bossy streak in her, plus with her dark hair, Lucy as the perfect character for her.

Cost of Ellie's Costume: $12.00 for the blue dress. I had the white shirt and white tights. I also made the sign at home. I looked all over for a cheaper dress option, but this was the only one I could find, and I had to order it. Total = $12.00

So our total for all four costumes was $31.88! Seeing as how one costume in the stores can be that much, I'd say we did pretty good! Especially since all of their costumes can be worn as regular clothes in the future. Score!

Totally fun! I wonder what we will dress up as next year? :)


  1. Your creativity amazes me!! You amaze me!!!

  2. Adorable!! I love the "themed" costume idea!

  3. they're totes adorbs! ;-) How did tights you bought 2 years ago still fit her?? lol!! Your kids are amazing. You're amazing. Sean is amazing. Basically... I am just so grateful for your whole family!! :D

  4. This is the cutest costume idea ever. You are going to have to adopt or have more kids for Marci, Peppermint Patty, Franklin, until you get the whole baseball team. My favorite is Lucy. The costume and sign are right on.

  5. Good job on the costumes! I like that they can wear the clothes after Halloween too!

  6. These are great! The Charlie Brown shirt is my favorite. ;)

  7. I love this post!!! Great family pics

  8. Great costumes!

    Also, I took a stencil of my partners shoe when I went out Christmas shopping and it made it SO easy to find shoes! The ladies in the store were commenting on what a great idea it was, so thanks for that tip - works for quads and for surprise presents for adults :)


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