Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hermie & Friends: I Will Trust God DVD Giveaway

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As a Tommy Nelson Mommy, sometimes I get to review books and sometimes I get to review movies.

Today is a movie day!

Hermie and Friends is the DVD series based on Max Lucado's children's books. If you aren't familiar with this series, it's kind of across between It's a Bug's Life characters and VeggieTales-ish stories. While the animation isn't quite on par with either Pixar or VeggieTales, the characters still tell wonderful stories!

Hermie and Friends: I Will Trust God No Matter What focuses on learning to trust God even when we don't know the why behind it. The movie contains two different episodes that each work to reinforce that concept.

In the first episode, Hermie and the High Seas, God tells Hermie to build a boat, but doesn't tell him why. His friends make fun of him, but they quickly learn why a boat is needed when it starts raining.

In the second episode, Who is in Charge Anyway, Freddie the Flea sees all of the talents and strengths of the other bugs around him, but doesn't feel like he has any himself. He learns by the end of the episode that God specially designs each of us and equips us with what we need. Even though our uniqueness may not be obvious, we should trust that His design is perfect!

Since this is a review, I do have to point out the parts that aren't my favorite. Each episode starts with an awkward dialogue between Max Lucado in his garden and the animated Hermie sitting on a bench. Lucado writes great stories, but acting isn't his strength. I know they have it set up so that Lucado and Hermie introduce the concept and revisit it at the end, but it ends up coming off as cheesy and forced. Also, my three-year-olds lose interest in the movie if they have to sit through it. So my advice? Either watch those beginning and ending scenes on your own, or hit the fast forward button.

But other than that, it's a cute DVD that works well for boys and girls between the ages of 2-7.

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  1. My children are too young to understand about trusting in God but I trust him every day because He gave me my children and I am probably the most unlikely person to have children due to health issues.

  2. A year and 1/2 ago my husband was out of work for 3 months. Our family stayed faithful and continuously prayed and God provided! To this day we still have no idea how we survived that time but I am so thankful for God's provision!

  3. My daughter is only 5, but a year ago when a good family friend very possibly had cancer, she prayed then looked at me, "dont worry Mom, Gods got this"

  4. We need to trust God every day, but especially when making important family decisions.

    allibrary(at) aol (dot) com

  5. This is a small 'trust God" moment, but it's still fresh in my mind. I ran out of gas a few months ago. Like the car almost didn't start, running on vapors, out of gas. I had my 7 and 5 year old in the car and my 7 year old says, "Mommy, I'm going to pray." The car sputtered quite a few times on the 1 mile drive to the gas station, but we made it... almost. The front of my car made it to the pump, and a kind gentleman was there, saw, and pushed our car into the pump the rest of the way! I didn't think we were going to make it, but I'm very glad my daughter thought to pray!

  6. I think when you have kids you realize even more how you have to trust God every day!

  7. We had to trust God when my husband got laid off. Everything worked out, but it was a trying time.

  8. God is faithful. I'm trusting God to provide so I can stay home from work, we've trusted God to touch our children when they were sick, and I was in the hospital with pneumonia. Life isn't always easy but thankful I can always count on Him.


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