Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Day of Preschool Family and Teacher Photos

A few more pictures of our last day of preschool for the school year! These didn't quite fit in the Preschool Celebration post, so I had to do a second post. I clearly take a LOT of photos!

The first set of photos are of the kids with their teachers and paras. All of them are such phenomenal ladies and have poured so much love and attention on our kids. I couldn't thank them enough!
Miss Dierdre (para), Caleb, and Miss Mary (teacher)

Miss Deeann (para), Abby, Miss Sarah (teacher)

Miss Sharon (para), Elijah, Miss Robyn (teacher)

Miss Donna (para), Miss Jessica (teacher), Ellie, and Miss Melinda (para)

Definitely read our official Last Day of Preschool Celebration post for more about how far our kids have come and the wonderful ladies who have worked with them!

And then, we had to have last day of school photos with our kids, just like we had first day of preschool photos with them!




Love our little cuties! Thank you for indulging my need to take and share so many photos of them!


  1. glad I could reprise the same shirt from their first day of school. It's the circle of life! it's so beautiful.

  2. Love every pic!!! Have a happy summer!!


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