Friday, May 30, 2014

What I'm Into - May 2014

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Want a little glimpse into my life? :)

Books I'm Reading:
It looks like it will be awhile before I read another fiction book. I seem to constantly be distracted by researching various topics and reading parts of books or articles that relate to them. Right now, I'm reading a book called, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Dr. David Stewart. I ordered it because our library didn't have it, and was VERY surprised when it showed up with 700+ pages. Ooooohhh goodness. Not quite what I expected. It's a chemistry book, and I'm not a science-y person to begin with, but it's actually pretty interesting! Not sure if I'm going to actually finish the whole thing, (I mean, c'mon. I have 3-year-old quads vying for my attention) but for now, I am enjoying it.

Can't Miss Television:
The Killing: It's taken me awhile to decide if I like this show. We are watching it on Netflix right now, and I've finally decided that it's really good! It's about two detectives that solve murder cases. The big difference between this show, and a show like CSI, is that this show does one murder case per season. They also (at least for the first season) cover one day of the investigation in each episode. It's really an interesting take on it! And I think Season 2 is actually better than Season 1.

Movies I've Watched:
We watched a whole slew of movies this month. More than usual! It's a sure sign that summer is coming as TV seasons start wrapping up and we look for other things to watch.

The Way Way Back: It's about a kid who spends his summer working in a water park. Steve Carell plays his mom's boyfriend. It's a very non-comedic role for him which always throws me a bit. I can't watch anything with him in it without seeing Michael Scott, you know what I mean?

The Producers: The new version with Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Uma Thurman. I'd seen it before, but Sean hadn't, so we watched it a couple of weeks ago. It's a pretty funny musical even for those who aren't inclined toward that type of movie.

The Blues Brothers: Confession: I'd never seen this movie before, and Sean felt that that needed to be corrected. I had someone ask me today what I thought of it.'s okay. I guess I don't quite understand why everyone loves it so much. Maybe I need to watch it again?

Lost in Translation: Yep. This movie was as weird as I heard it was.

Regarding Henry: Harrison Ford starred in this movie, and I really liked it! It's about a hotshot lawyer who gets shot in the head and can't remember his family, how to talk, or walk, or really anything. It's about his recovery and his family adapting to the new him. I'd definitely recommend this one!

Yummy in My Tummy:
This month, I *have* to go with homemade fried chicken! Just tonight, I ate some for the first time and learned how to cook it myself. Oh. My. Gosh. It was one of THE most delicious things I've ever eaten! If you've never had homemade fried chicken, it runs circles around anything that you can get in a restaurant or store.

Happiness is:
Hearing my kids talk. I know it's such a small thing, but (almost) every time they say something, I'm reminded again of how gracious our God is and how far they have come. I say (almost) because sometimes, when "Mommy" is repeated over and over and over and over and over and over again, that does drive me a little crazy. Oh well. I'll take it to hear their little voices.

Caleb's kisses are another thing that makes me undeniably happy! He just started giving me kisses about a month or so ago. I waited more than three years for him to get to that point, and I just melt when he comes over to kiss me.

What I'm Looking Forward to in June:
Our Summer Bucket List will be kicking back into high gear! New adventures await us!

My annual stint in the Fireworks Tent that partners with Hillcrest Transitional Housing will start the last few days of this month as well. I always look forward to that week!

A haircut. Yep, it's making the list. I haven't had a haircut or highlights since before Christmas. I think it's high time that I text my hair stylist and get something set up. My hair is the longest it's been in years, and definitely the grayest it's ever been as well. Something about a haircut and highlights always makes me feel more like a woman. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the stuff and neat things you are doing! I feel like I am all caught up on your life. :-) have a great summer . I totally agree about getting the hair done---it makes me faeel great to have those grays covered.

  2. I loved The Way Way Back! One of my favorite movies from last year. I can't believe you've never seen The Blues Brothers before! Maybe it's a Chicago thing but it was a staple when I was growing up and whenever I see it now, it's a piece of nostalgia.


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