Monday, October 24, 2016

Grandparents Day!

Clockwise from front left: Cita, Elijah, Daddy, Caleb, Pa, Cousin Marissa, Abby, and Ellie

I've come to terms with the fact that blogging regularly is probably a thing of the past, BUT I really do want to be better about recording our memories with our kids. Remember when I used to blog 5-6 times a week? Oh my stars. That was intense. For now, I'm happy to get a blog post out a few times a month, so thanks for working with me on that. I do want to save all of our memories to look back on. Time is going by so fast.....even though the period between when they get home from school exhausted and when they go to bed seems like an eternity. haha!

A Tour of the School: Marissa, Ellie, Elijah, Caleb, and Abby

About a month ago (yes, a month ago. eep!), we had Grandparents Day at the school! Sean's dad and my mom came out for it, and since Marissa (the kids' cousin) also goes to school there, it worked out perfectly to all just hang together.

Abby, Ellie, Cita, Caleb, and Elijah

The school provided breakfast and an hour to take grandparents around for a tour. The kids thought it was so fun to not only show off their part of the school, but also to see their cousin's 4th grade classroom and know that they get to go in her hallway one day!

Elijah, Ellie, Caleb, Pa, Marissa, and Abby

There was just enough time to play outside for about 5 minutes before the bell rang and all of the kids ran back inside.

Our new school seems to be big into having events throughout the year. We've already done Fall Fest there as well. I'm grateful for every chance I have to get to know their teachers and school administration better. It's such a huge disconnect from last year when I could walk the kids to their classrooms as often as I wanted. They stop parents in the lobby at this school. I'm sure it's a safety thing and way to keep everyone calm and focused, but I still miss that quick 10 minute run in multiple times a week. I know the kids do too. So anytime they have an event like this, I'm happy to go, especially when the kids can celebrate school milestones with other family members too!

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