Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Halloween 2018 - Knights and Princesses

Every year, the highlight of the fall is our Halloween costumes!

And every year, I wonder if they are going to choose to dress up together, or if this will finally be the year when they all go their separate ways with their costumes.

This year, the verdict came instantly and was unanimous: dress up together!

Even more incredible was when they settled on their theme within 5 minutes and every single one of them loved it. It was crazy easy this year to figure it out...I definitely wasn't expecting that!

Caleb was 100% into his role as a knight. When I took the kids outside for photos, he snapped from pose to pose to pose, fully living and embracing his knighthood. He went with the more "hardcore" look and stance. He totally cracked me up!

Elijah loved his costume as much as Caleb did, but was a bit lighter on his feet. lol! Sorry for the weird orbs in these photos. We didn't actually have a ghost hanging out with us, although you'd think that might be the case given the occasion. Instead, it was just the sun at an awkward angle combined with my truly stellar photography skills. haha!

You know...when I went to buy the plastic swords, my inner mom voice said, "you are about to buy plastic swords for two 7-year-old boys. Are you sure that's a solid idea?" And I did it anyway. We clearly laid out the rule that if they hit anyone with the swords, whether on purpose or on accident, the swords would be confiscated. They were allowed one sword fight, and that's what you see in the photo above. (If you were curious, Caleb won. haha! I'm sure Elijah will deny that when he's a teenager, but it's now been documented.)

No one was more happy with her costume than Abby. If it involves princesses, unicorns, or the color pink, this little girl is allllll over it. Since this year's costume hit two out of three of those (and believe me, there was plenty of unicorn discussion going on at the same time), it was one of her favorite years of all time! Abby fully embodied a princess, right down to the way she held her chin up and her shoulders back, and walked with a regal air everywhere she went.

Ellie loved her costume too. She's really into blues of all shades right now, and this dress made her feel gorgeous. She was a little sad when the middle jewel on her crown fell off though. Other than that, she loved it!

My two girls. :) 

And this year, we decided to get in on the fun as well! Yep, I got myself a princess dress and bought Sean a knight/king costume. He was a good sport! haha! The kids totally LOVED having the whole family dress up all together. We made the most of it and hit a few different trunk or treat activities around our area, and collected FAR too much candy. Before long, they will be past the dress-up years and be too interested in other activities to have time for this sort of thing. Until then, we will take all the photos and make all the memories!

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