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Halloween 2014 - Frozen Characters

Caleb, Abby, Ellie, And Elijah

I kind of love getting to dress my kids up in a theme! It's just so fun! :) 

For previous Halloweens, we've done The Four Seasons, Superheroes, and the Peanuts Gang. This year, we did all Frozen Characters. Yes, I know that there were 5 million Elsas running around on October 31st, but my kids, especially my girls, really love Frozen, so who was I to say no?

In the past, I've made all of the kids' costumes. It's a fun fall project for me to work on, and the results have generally been pretty good! But this year, I just couldn't rationalize the huge amount of time it takes to put costumes together, so I did them half and half. Half store bought, half homemade.

Caleb's Olaf costume was definitely store bought. I hit September still thinking that I was going to make it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was just setting myself up for a bunch of frustration. I can't sew, so if it can't be made with a hot glue gun and stitch witchery, it ain't gonna happen. Olaf looked like it would take more than a hot glue gun, so I put on my big girl panties, when to Party City, and coughed up $25 for that costume. Gag me! How can they get away with charging so much?! But in the end, Caleb actually loved it! He still asks to put it on. And it will go in the dress up trunk for lots of future playing. $25 for my sanity....well spent!


Abby dress came from Walmart. $20 for a Princess Anna dress, and I knew that, without a doubt, she would be totally in love with it! She has worn this dress just about every waking minute since Halloween. She is wearing it so much, that we are probably getting a better value (price per wear) out of that dress than we are put of any other article of clothing she owns. I went ahead and made the cape for her. All stitch witchery and hot glue in that cape. It's a little big, but she can wear it for awhile.


Honestly, the Kristoff costume was supposed to be Caleb's costume. Elijah was supposed to wear Olaf. I figured that with Caleb's issues, he would need something a little more "normal" to wear. But when I pulled out the Olaf costume and showed it to Elijah, he gave me a very emphatic, "NO!" At the same time, Caleb grabbed it and ran off with it. Okay....not quite what I thought was going to happen, but as long as the costumes were worn, I didn't care who opted for which one.

Elijah's Kristoff costume was entirely homemade. I looked for Kristoff costume online, but the only ones that I could find were on Etsy, and they were incredibly expensive. The ones I saw were easily $75-$90+, and there was just no way that I was going to pay that for a costume that is going to be outgrown in short order. Instead, I followed this easy Kristoff costume tutorial that involves using a grey tshirt as a base, and hot glued my way through it. The most expensive part of his costume was the fur trim, but the rest of it was pretty inexpensive. I just used a bit of Abby's cape fabric to make the sash, added a little decorative ribbon, and stuck a winter hat on his head.

The mark of whether or not a costume works is if people can figure out what you are trying to dress up as. Happily, people figured out that he was dressed as Kristoff, so I consider it a success!


Ellie loves her costume too! The dress, the cape, the fact that she can finally BE Elsa. Seriously....she answers to Elsa now. I bought her costume from Walmart as well, but made her cape from scratch. I made it long and flowing, just like in the movie, and Ellie loved it for...oh....about 10 minutes. Then she walked up to me and said,

"Mom! My cape is too long to sit on the couch!"

Mom fail. *sigh* So I chopped that beautiful cape in half, and moved all of the felt snowflakes up higher so that she could sit on the couch at her leisure. Lol! At least she really did love the cape once it was more her size!

It's adorable to watch the girls run around the house in their dresses and know the money was well spent!

And, of course, we had to make sure that the grandparents had a chance to see the kids all decked out in their costumes! We used it as an opportunity to grab a couple of group photos! :)
Abby, Pa (Sean's Dad), Caleb, Ma (Sean's Mom), Ellie, and Elijah

Elijah, Cita (Becca's Mom), Caleb, Abby, Grandpa (Becca's Dad), Ellie

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